On 25 Dec 19 Deputy Brown responded to 585 Browns Road, Lot 9, Marietta, in reference to a dispute.   Subjects had arrived at the location for the Christmas holiday when a verbal dispute occurred.  Victoria Porter then left the residence.   At approximately 1410 hrs. Deputy Brown was dispatched back to the location to a report that Porter had come back to the residence and was involved in an altercation with Hunter Brandt.  Porter started off the conversation by yelling at Deputy Brown to just take her to jail.  Porter stated she had taken a cellphone from Brandt and threw it at him, intending to hit him with the phone.   Brandt confirmed the statement made by Porter.  Victoria Korein Porter, age 27, homeless, was placed under arrest for domestic violence and transported to the Washington County Jail.

On 25 Dec 19 the Washington County Sheriff’s Office was notified of an incident by the Ravenswood Police Department.  RPD had been dispatched to a location in their county to meet with subjects regarding a family member’s estranged spouse.  Kristin and Marcus McCartney have a marital home at 5309 Braun Road, Belpre, OH.  Family members and Kristin had gone to the home on Braun Road to visit children on Christmas when Marcus was not home.  This action apparently enraged Marcus and he became engaged in an argument over the telephone with Kristin.  Kristin then left the area, in fear of Marcus.  A short time later Marcus called Kristin again and was yelling and screaming at her over the telephone.  Kristin became scared and drove back to her mother’s residence.  Lt. McPeek was able to hear the conversation which was threatening in nature.   Marcus continued to phone Ravenswood in which law enforcement eventually answered the phone and Marcus began making threats towards them as well.   Lt. McPeek conducted a welfare check on the children at Braun Road due to the actions of Marcus.  After completing the investigation, Marcus Todd McCartney, age 41, was placed under arrest and transported to the Washington County Jail on charges of aggravated menacing and domestic violence.    

On 26 Dec 19 Sgt. Carr responded to 24590 State Route 339, Waterford, Ohio in regards to a cabin/home being entered. Michael Dulin learned that a male and female were at his cabin and had been inside. Witnesses observed the male and female inside the cabin, stating the owner “Starkey” had given them permission to be there.  The male was advised that Starkey was not the owner and at that time both male and female fled the cabin, got in the Toyota and left northbound on State Route 339. Deputies learned the owner of the Toyota had allowed Ryan Starkey to borrow it, and that he was more than likely with an Ashley Bules.  A warrant is being requested for the arrest of Ashley Renee Bules, age 25, 50 Henderson Ally, Lowell, OH, and Ryan Thomas Starkey, age 25, 12660 State Route 550, Fleming, OH, on a charge of burglary. The warrants were received from Marietta Municipal Court.

On 26 Dec 19 Deputy Hill received a warrant from Jackson County, WV, for the arrest of Marcus T. McCartney for domestic violence, harassing phone calls, threatening communications by computer and stalking.  Personal identifiers from the warrant were checked against information received from McCartney upon being processed into the Washington County Jail, finding them to be a match.  Marcus Todd McCartney was then charged with being a fugitive from justice.

On 26 Dec 19 Lt. McPeek was dispatched to 1915 Rinard Mills Road in reference to a stolen 2013 Honda 4-wheeler.  Orval Bradfield advised his 4-wheeler was chained to a post on his front porch and secured with a pad lock.  A witness observed Kevin Ridgeway riding Bradfield’s 4-wheeler on/or about 24 Dec, away from his residence, and Bradfield later saw Ridgeway riding his 4-wheeler. During the investigation, additional subjects had observed someone riding the 4-wheeler and doing donuts in the Parkway Townhouses parking lot, and two of them confirmed the driver was Kevin Ridgeway.  The 4-wheeler was recovered from some brush behind Parkway Townhouses, which is approximately 50 yards from where it appeared to have been crashed into a telephone pole.  Ridgeway was also observed walking away from where the 4-wheeler was hidden.  A warrant was requested and issued for Kevin Michael Ridgeway, age 30, 403 Main Street, New Matamoras, OH, on a charge of breaking and entering, theft of a motor vehicle and tampering with evidence.

The following warrants were recently processed at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office:

Ashley Cheyenne Bay, 907 Neil Street, Parkersburg, WV, theft.

Jeffrey Allen Friesner, 819 McKinley Avenue, Lancaster, OH, failure to appear.

Jeremy Todd Wheeler, 68 ½ N. 7th Street, McConnelsville, OH, failure to appear.

Debra Lee Sampson, 27317 State Route 7 Apt. A, Marietta, OH, failure to appear.

James Keith Treadway, 708 Front Street, #21, Marietta, OH, failure to appear.

Colton Ryan Balderson, 17184 Muskingum River Road, Waterford, OH, probation violation on a possession of drugs charge.

Tyler Edward Goodwin, 200 Jefferson Square, Marietta, OH, probation violation on a possession of drugs charge.

Brennan Michael Holshu, 506 Pike Street, Marietta, OH, failure to appear.

Ashley Renee Bules, 50 Henderson Ally, Lowell, OH, burglary.

Kevin Michael Ridgeway, 403 Main Street, New Matamoras, OH, theft and tampering with evidence.

Ryan Thomas Starkey, 12660 State Route 550, Fleming, OH, burglary.

Bonnie Jean Cross, 6844 New England Ridge Road, Washington, WV, probation violation.

Kathy R Hunter, 509 Parry Avenue, Mansfield, OH, theft.

The following subject(s) were processed into the Washington County Jail between Thursday 26 Dec 19 and Friday 27 Dec 19:

Courtney Nichole Clayton, age 27, 314 John Street, Belpre, OH, criminal trespass, possessing drug abuse instruments, and drug paraphernalia, all misdemeanors.

James Chadwick Hodgson, age 42, 1002 Washington Blvd., Belpre, OH, assault, a misdemeanor.

Aaron Christopher Buracchio, age 34, 4810 15th Avenue, Lot 1, Parkersburg, WV, Belmont County charge of possessing drug abuse instruments.

There are currently 19 female inmates and 83 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.