On 9 Dec 19 Sgt. McGilton requested a summons be issued to Autumn Storm Hausberger, age 27, and Joshua Nichols, age 41, 1235 Cisler Drive, Marietta, OH, for failure to restrain their dog.  A Pitbull dog belonging to Hausberger and Nichols became loose from their residence.  It was reported that the dog attacked and bit a mail carrier who was attempting to deliver a package to the residence.  The dog was designated vicious as a result of the incident.

On 11 Dec 19 Sgt. McGilton requested a summons for Lakkyn H. Starcher, 613 Tenth Street, Marietta, OH, for failing to restrain two dogs.  Two dogs belonging to Starcher ran loose from her property.  These two dogs had been reported running loose several times over the past two weeks prior to this incident.  Starcher admitted the dogs had been loose frequently and stated they barged through her door when she exited her residence.

On 12 Dec 19 Deputies were dispatched to 7765 Dalzell Road, Lower Salem, OH.  Dispatch advised that Jeffrey Lee Bigley was texting an individual that he was going to harm himself.  Deputies met with Dominick Oliver in reference to Bigley’s whereabouts, with Oliver stating he did not know, advising of another location to check.  Deputies were outside the residence and immediately heard arguing coming from inside the residence. Deputies then went back to the house and spoke with another occupant who stated that Bigley was in the basement.  Bigley was ordered to come upstairs at which time he did come to the stairs and was placed into custody.  Bigley was asked about the text messages, stating he did it to get the female to come to the residence and had no intention of harming himself.  Deputies advised Bigley that due to the actions by Deputies, utilizing lights and sirens to check on his welfare, he would be charged with inducing panic.
Deputies requested Oliver advise them the whereabouts of the firearm and he advised he did not know.  Oliver was advised that Bigley stated where it was, with Oliver saying he didn’t have access to the location.  The location of the firearms was obtained from another occupant and the firearm(s) were taken for safekeeping. Oliver had advised Deputies he had consumed alcohol and upon making contact with Marietta Probation Department, Deputies learned that he was not allowed to possess firearms or consume alcohol.
Jeffrey Lee Bigley, age 19, was placed under arrest for inducing panic and disorderly conduct.  Dominick Ryan Oliver, age 23, was placed under arrest for obstructing official business and also held in the County Jail on a probation violation charge.

On 14 Dec 19 Deputy Schwendeman observed a vehicle stopped in front of Riverview Industrial Supply, Warren Township.  Deputy Schwendeman stopped to check the vehicle and occupant(s) which was parked running with the headlights on.   The driver, Joshua M. Hendrickson, was asked what he was doing parked there, with him stating he pulled off to let Deputy Schwendeman pass him.  Hendrickson’s pupils were constricted with glassy and bloodshot eyes.  Hendrickson’s speech was also slurred.  Hendrickson was asked if he had consumed any alcohol or drugs and he admitted to consuming one beer several hours earlier.  Deputy Schwendeman placed Hendrickson, age 39, 775 Gravel Bank Road, Marietta, OH,  under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol.  Hendrickson was asked if he had anything illegal on his person, which he said he did not, however a glass pipe with powdery residue was located in a pants pocket.  Hendrickson was transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.  While being processed Hendrickson was again asked if he had anything illegal on him, with him again stating that he did not.  Jail personnel located a small plastic baggie in the bottom of the defendant’s right-front key-pocket, which appeared to have a crystalline substance inside it.  Hendrickson was then charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and conveyancing into a detention facility.

The following warrants were processed at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office:

Joshua Allen Campbell, 314 Washington Street, Marietta, OH, failure to appear.

Katie Danielle Cline, 27400 State Route 7, Lot 3, Marietta, OH, misuse of credit cards.

Nancy M. Amos, 697 Green Street, Newport, OH, theft.

Herbert Leon Mahar, 2800 Beach Drive, Lot 16, Belpre, OH, failure to register dogs.

Steven Lee Sealey, 1660 Sealey Ridge Road, Vincent, OH, driving under suspension.

William Roland Talkington, Marietta, OH, probation violation.

Josey Cheyenne Barton, 806 Front Street, Marietta, OH, failure to appear.

The following subject(s) were processed into the Washington County Jail between Friday 13 Dec 19 and Monday 16 Dec 19:

Georgina Loretta Starkey, age 28, homeless, contempt of court.

Jimmie Lewis Miller Jr., age 27, 55 Spring Avenue, Vincent, OH, endangering children, a felony.

Leroy Junior Clark, age 44, 20670 State Route 550, Marietta, OH, aggravated possession of drugs, and breach of recognizance, both felonies, probation violation, contempt of court and breach of recognizance, all misdemeanors.

Stephen Don Koher, age 59, 56623 Key Bellaire Road, Bellaire, OH, resisting arrest and criminal trespassing, both misdemeanors.

Joshua Michael Hendrickson, age 39, 775 Gravel Bank Road, Marietta, OH, illegal conveyance of drugs, a felony, OVI and drug paraphernalia, both misdemeanors.

Heather Jeanean McMannis, age 36, 4450 Stout Lane, Beverly, OH, drug paraphernalia and possession of drugs, both misdemeanors.

Kirk Russell Slider, age 26, 26935 State Route 7, Apt. 2A, Marietta, OH, contempt of court.

Michael Scott Cranston, age 32, Stewart, OH, driving under suspension, fictitious plates and no seatbelt, all misdemeanors.

Charles Wayne Pettit, age 28, 1219 Racy Road, Petroleum, WV, contempt of court.

Joseph Antony Carpenter, II, age 38, 65 Church Street, Vincent, OH, possession of drugs, a felony, and driving under OVI suspension, a misdemeanor.

Keryn Ann Miller, age 36, 1177 County Road 9, Marietta, OH, theft, a felony.

Dwayne Edward Miller, age 55, 1177 Millers Lane, Marietta, OH, theft, a felony.

Adam Joseph Miller, age 27, 1584 Wynncrest Drive, Marietta, OH, probation violation, a misdemeanor.

Cecelia Kathleen Schultz, age 20, 749 Mary Street, Belpre, OH, contempt of court, a felony, and criminal damaging, a misdemeanor.

There are currently 20 female inmates and 88 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.