On 20 Nov 19 Deputy Zide issued a citation to Justin Barnes, 2760 Pleasant Ridge Road, Marietta, OH, for driving on a suspended license, unsafe vehicle, and loud muffler.

On 21 Nov 19 Lt. Hunter was dispatched to Pioneer Chevrolet to a report of a counterfeit bill that was passed.   This case remains under investigation.

On 26 Nov 19 Lt. Hunter and Sgt. Reeder were dispatched to 1072 Leith Run Road in reference to several calls received by the 911 Center in Pleasants County, WV.  A female at this address was requesting assistance as someone was outside her residence.   Robin L. Cook was found at the residence and Deputies determined that Cook started an argument that led to her assaulting her ex-boyfriend.  It was also found that Cook damaged the front grill and a light bar that was on the front bumper of man’s vehicle.  Cook admitted to the damage and stated she and the male were in a physical altercation due to the male having a new relationship.   Deputies also found that Cook entered the residence in a fit of rage and damaged a lamp and other household items and pulled a door off the hinges.  A summons is being requested for Robin L Cook, age 36, 22100 County Road Nine, New Matamoras, OH, on charges of assault and 2 counts of criminal damaging.

On 26 Nov 19 a citation was issued to Derek Oldfield, 713 9th Street, Marietta, OH, by Det. McConnell on a charge of driving on a suspended license.

On 27 Nov 19 Deputy Young began an investigation into a stolen vehicle from Violet McFadden, Reno, Ohio, which was recovered in Williamstown, WV.   McFadden had not given permission to the individual that was arrested in Williamstown with the vehicle.

On 27 Nov 19 Deputy Painter began an investigation into identity theft.  This case remains under investigation.

On 27 Nov 19 Deputy Parks and Deputy Kehl began an investigation into a possible bad check that was passed.  This case remains under investigation.

On 27 Nov 19 at approximately 2216 hrs. Deputy Young, Lt. McPeek, and R/D Powers responded to 3820 Bells Run Road, Newport, to a call that Keith Drake was threatening individuals.  An earlier incident between the three had occurred in Marietta, however, no charges were pursued.    Eric stated that he had fired Keith from the business after this incident.   Eric advised Keith of a financial transaction that needed to be completed, via text, in which Keith replied with a very long curse word laden text where he repeatedly calls his father names and threatens Eric and Amy in the text.  Amy reports she observed a flashlight outside and walked onto the porch and could hear Keith yelling profanity at her, wanting her to come down to the residence.  Deputies proceeded to Keith’s residence, but met with negative results in speaking with Keith.  A summons is being requested for Keith A. Drake, age 33, 3749 Bells Run Road, Newport, OH, on a charge of aggravated menacing.

On 29 Nov 19 Deputy Zide began an investigation into a sliding glass door that had been shattered at an apartment complex.  This case remains under investigation.

On 1 Dec 19 Deputy Aultman responded to the Station Carryout, 595 Joe Skinner Road, Belpre, Ohio.  A bartender at the establishment reported Jason M. Wolfe making a call to the Station Carryout, making threatening remarks towards the bar and customers at the bar.  Brief phone contact was made with a male subject, believed to be Wolfe, at the number that called the Station.  The male hung up after being advised it was law enforcement on the line.  Several other communications were made with Wolfe in which he denied making any threats.  The whereabouts of Wolfe is unknown.  A warrant is being requested for Jason Michael Wolfe, age 34, on a charge of aggravated menacing.

On 2 Dec 19 Deputy Brown began an investigation into a missing/stolen firearm.  This case remains under investigation.

The following subject(s) were processed into the Washington County Jail between Monday 2 Dec 19 and Tuesday 3 Dec 19:

Nathan Gerald Strausbraugh, age 36, 814 Warren Street, Marietta, OH, possession of drugs, a felony, theft, obstructing official business and possessing drug abuse instruments, all misdemeanors.

Nathan Allen Sprague, age 30, 411 E. Spring Street, Marietta, OH, probation violation, a felony.

There are currently 24 female inmates and 91 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.