Arrest for Assault on a Peace Officer and other charges 25 Nov 19

598967.jpgOn 23 Nov 19 Deputy Brown was advised of a protection order violation that occurred at 314 Fifth Street, Lowell, Ohio.  Taylor Carpenter explained she has been receiving text messages from random numbers.  The text’s verbiage and manner of questions led Carpenter to believe the messages were from her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Watson. Some of the messages consist of Watson asking her to “give me one last chance” and asking her to meet somewhere.  Carpenter currently has a protection order against Watson, which was confirmed. This order was in effect on 30 Oct 19 and the text messages ranged from 18 Nov to 22 Nov 2019.
On 24 Nov 19 Deputy Brown responded to 1350 State Route 821, Marietta, Ohio, and met with Ryan Watson on the porch of the residence.  Watson was advised why law enforcement was there and he confirmed he knew Carpenter and that she was his ex-girlfriend. Watson further admitted to the active protection order in effect.
When asked, Carpenter first denied trying to contact Carpenter, showing Deputy Brown his phone messages to support this claim.  Watson was asked about a text message app, which Watson stated he did have the app and did have an account with this provider.
Deputy Brown advised Watson he knew he used this app to create fake numbers to text Carpenter, in which Watson stated that was true.  Watson stated he had tried last week to contact Carpenter about his belongings at the home, knowing this was a violation of the protection order.
Carpenter asked Deputy Brown what would happen now and he was advised that he would be placed under arrest and transported to the County Jail. At that time Watson entered his home and attempted to shut the door behind him. Deputy Brown followed Watson to a bedroom of the house where Watson shut the bedroom door between him and Deputy Brown.  Deputy Brown entered the room and attempted to take control of Watson.
Deputy Brown escorted Watson to the kitchen with Watson going down to his knees on the floor.  Watson was ordered to place his hands behind his back, to which he did not comply. Watson remained tensed up and would not move his arms or hands.  Deputy Brown continued to request Watson place his hands behind his back, again not complying with Deputy Brown.  Deputy Brown attempted to deploy the Taser, at which time Watson stood up, and ran from the kitchen into another room of the home.  Deputy Brown again took hold of Watson and during the struggle to take control of his hands they entered into the kitchen area where Watson struck Deputy Brown with a closed fist. Watson was eventually handcuffed with the assistance of other Deputies.
Ryan Scott Watson, age 29, 1350 State Route 821, Marietta, OH, was charged with resisting arrest, obstructing official business, assault of a peace officer, and violating a protection order.  Watson was transported to the Washington County Jail and appeared in Marietta Municipal Court.  Watson remains incarcerated on a $15,000 bond.