Local Scam Relating to FBI and SSA

A local resident reported that his wife received a phone call from a male claiming to be with the Social Security Administration out of Texas.  The male subject supplied her with a number for the FBI, (480) 586-3220, and requested that she contact them regarding a pending investigation.  The lady called the number and another male subject, claiming to be with the FBI, informed her that they had started an investigation and discovered a large sum of money in a bank account tied to her.  The reported FBI agent told her that two agents would be coming to her residence within a few days.

Several days went by and the lady called the number again.  The “FBI” agent informed her that something had come up and they were unable to make it to the house.  The agent then advised that they have now discovered a car that was rented using the lady’s social security number.  Inside that rental car they discovered two pounds of cocaine and blood.   The “FBI” agent advised the caller that they have proof that she rented the car.  The “FBI” agent then told the caller that there is an active warrant for her arrest and the charges will carry a 9-year incarceration.

Note:  This is a tactic that scammers will use to scare individuals into providing personal information to them.  The Social Security Administration nor the FBI operate in this manner.  If you receive a call like this, simply hang up, if in doubt, please contact your local law enforcement agency.