Individuals Charged with Felony Cruelty to Companion Animals 29 Oct 19



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On 13 Oct 19 Sgt. McGilton was made aware of an animal cruelty complaint at 108 Sharon Street, Marietta, OH, by the Marietta City Police Department.   Miranda Duty resides at this location with her son, Christian Kendall.  Duty produced two extremely emaciated Great Dane dogs to the Police Officers and reported that this type of dog was supposed to be thin and look like hers did, or at least close to it.
Sgt. McGilton responded to the residence with a search warrant.  During the execution of the search warrant, two dogs were seized.  The female Great Dane, 4 years of age, which was severely emaciated and dehydrated, with every bone in her body protruding, with very little muscle mass.  The female weighed approximately 71 pounds and scored a 1.5 of 9 on the body condition scale.   The male Great Dane, approximately 5 years old, was severely emaciated and dehydrated, with every bone in his body protruding, with decreased muscle mass.  The male weighed 86.7 pounds and scored a 2 of 9 on the body condition scale.
Sgt. McGilton examined the two dogs, and when picking up the skin on their backs, found the skin to peek, however, stayed peeked and the fold of skin fell over and did not revert back to normal.
The inside of the residence was found to be in deplorable conditions with animal feces and urine throughout the upstairs of the home.  Officers found it difficult to breathe while inside the residence, also experiencing burning and watering eyes.  The bottom portion of the home, which was the living area for Duty, was closed off from the upstairs and appeared to be clear of feces and urine.
Sgt. McGilton observed large dog crates in the basement, which Duty stated the Great Danes stayed in those crates.  Duty was advised that the dogs did not appear as if they had been fed twice a day as she reported, with Duty agreeing with Sgt. McGilton, stating she knew that and was switching the dog food and trying everything she could.  Duty stated the dogs had never been to a veterinarian.  Duty reported she has had the male Great Dane, however, she only obtained the female in the last 4-5 months.  Duty also admitted the female Great Dane was healthy when she got her, and it looked nothing like it does now, stating she had lost weight.
Sgt. McGilton further questioned Duty as to how many hours a day the animals were kept in crates.  Duty stated the animals were only kept in the crates at night, and that Kendall would be home during the day and make sure the dogs were taken out.
Duty further advised Kendall was responsible for feeding the Great Danes, and Duty made sure he, Kendall, fed them.  When asked how she “made sure” Duty replied she asked him if they had been fed.  Duty was asked if she trusted that Kendall had fed the Great Danes, due to their current condition, and she stated no, even though she had multiple conversations with Kendall on that subject.  Duty went on to advise that the dogs had been fed rice as well as raw eggs to help with their condition.  Duty then stated she didn’t know and didn’t have a reason for any of this other than she didn’t do her job.  Sgt. McGilton met with Christian Kendall and asked if he could tell her about the dogs and their situation.  Kendall was asked how many times a day the dogs are fed and he replied, “two times a day at least sometimes”.  Kendall stated he was responsible for feeding the dogs, but not always, stating he fed the dogs when he was home, which was at least once a day.   Kendall was asked if he had seen what the dogs look like today, with him stating he did and they have had Great Danes in the past and they kind of always looked like this.  When asked if he thought they should look this way, Kendall stated “not always”.
A local veterinarian assessed the dogs and it was determined the dogs were in these conditions due to lack of food and water.  These dogs initially turned down food in order to get to the water as they were severely dehydrated.  It is believed that these dogs would have died if left in those conditions much longer.  The veterinarian also advised these dogs were in pain and were suffering as a result of their conditions, which carried an unnecessary and unjustifiable risk of death.
A summons is being requested for Miranda J. Duty, age 40, and Christian D. Kendall, age 21, for two counts each of cruelty to a companion animal, both 5th-degree felonies.