On 21 Oct 19 Deputy Brown began an investigation into a theft of a catalytic converter.  This case remains under investigation.

On 21 Oct 19 Sgt. McKee began an investigation into a runaway juvenile.  The child was located and subsequently, charges of domestic violence, theft, and being an unruly juvenile will be filed through Washington County Juvenile Court.

On 21 Oct 19 Deputy Young was dispatched to 4597 County Road 9, Reno, OH, in reference to Brenda McKitrick reporting her husband Robert McKitrick Sr. had assaulted her.   Contact was made with Brenda who advised she and Robert were in an argument and he went to the bedroom.  Brenda went to open the bedroom door and attempt to talk with Robert.  Robert allegedly stood up, walked to the door and shoved Brenda.  Brenda stated that Robert then struck her in the face and then left the residence and drove away in his truck.  Deputies met with Robert who denied being at the County Road 9 address, stating that he spent the evening in Marietta.  Robert’s whereabouts were confirmed, however, later inquiry into his whereabouts proved that Robert had asked the subject to say he had been with them on that date/time, however he had not been there at all that evening.  Robert Marion McKitrick, age 65, 550 Ewing Road, Marietta, OH,  was placed under arrest and charged with domestic violence and obstructing official business.  McKitrick was transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.

On 24 Oct 19 Deputy H Tornes and Deputy Jason Hall were dispatched to 1096 Drag Strip Road, Belpre, OH, in reference to a 911 call received by Wood County in reference to a female yelling that her boyfriend was hitting the hood of her car.  The 911 center advised they lost contact with the female.  Deputies met with Destiny Miller who stated her live-in boyfriend, Jeremy Haynes, caused damage to her vehicle.  Miller stated they had been fighting over Haynes wanting to use her vehicle, and they were involved in a shoving match.  Haynes admitted to putting dents in the vehicle and stated that Miller shoved him so he shoved her back.  Haynes further stated that Miller picked up rocks and scratched his vehicle because she was mad at him.  Destiny Rose Miller, age 18, and Jeremy Lee Haynes, age 25,  1096 Drag Strip Road, Belpre, OH,  will be charged with disorderly conduct through Marietta Municipal Court.

On 24 Oct 19 Lt Gherke began an investigation into a possible domestic violence incident.  In speaking with all parties this was determined to be unfounded.

On 24 Oct 19 Sgt. Parks was dispatched to the Reno Wash Tub Laundromat in Reno, OH,  The report came in that an individual was struck with a vehicle.  Ronald Patterson had been treated by the Reno Squad, however, he refused to be transported to the hospital.  Patterson stated he was in need of doing laundry and went to his Robert Bailey’s (his friend) place to do the washing.  Patterson and Bailey got into an argument about using the machines, therefore Patterson packed the laundry and left the location, going to Reno to dry the clothes.  While Patterson was at the business, Bailey showed up and continued the argument with Patterson, which became heated at one point.  Patterson stated that Bailey got into his van while Patterson was standing in front of it and drove the van forward striking Patterson.  Patterson reports he was struck hard enough to snap his head back.  Bailey then backed up and sped away.   Bailey was stopped by the Marietta Police Department, as he had been drinking and was taken for an OVI test.  Deputies met with Bailey who confirmed almost the entire account of what had transpired, however, he denied striking Patterson with the vehicle.  Robert Harlan Bailey, age 61, 753 Glendale Road, Apt. 2, Marietta, OH, was placed under arrest for assault and OVI.

The following subject(s) were processed into the Washington County Jail between Thursday 24 Oct 19 and Monday 28 Oct 19:

Blenda Glada Lalone, age 28, 222 Tonya Avenue, Parkersburg, WV, robbery, a felony.

Emily Ann Wagner, age 32, 822 Belrock Avenue, Apt. 2, Belpre, OH, misuse of credit card and theft, both felonies.

Courtney Anne Harpster, age 36, 2910 Sealey Ridge Road, Vincent, OH, probation violation, a misdemeanor.

Robert Harlan Bailey, age 61, 753 Glendale Road, Apt. 2, Marietta, OH, assault and driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, both misdemeanors.

Rhonda Marie Talafhah, age 52, 6800 Baker Road, Apt. 37, Athens, OH, contempt of court, OVI and possession of drugs, all misdemeanors.

Serina Lynnette Shilling, age 49, Beverly, OH, probation violation, a misdemeanor.

Mark Everett Swaney, age 53, homeless, criminal trespass, a misdemeanor.

Lucas William Wharton, age 40, homeless, criminal trespass, a misdemeanor.

Donna Louise Parades, age 49, 1308 Williamson Avenue, Apt. 1C , New Matamoras, OH, contempt of court.

Brady Lee Harris, age 18, 15681 Waterford Road, Waterford, OH, improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle, a felony.

Regina Lynn Hoover, age 55, 205 Seventh Street, Apt. 7, Beverly, OH, unlawfully displaying or consume beer in Muskingum Park, a misdemeanor.

Matthew Vernon Scott, age 33, 221 Sheldon Avenue, Marietta, OH, probation violation, a misdemeanor.

Charles Raymond Miller, age 23, 910 Caywood Road, Marietta, OH, parole violation, a felony.

Isaac NMN Martin, age 49, 106 Meadow Crest Lane, Little Hocking, OH, driving under the influence and failure to reinstate operator’s license, both misdemeanors.

Donald Lee McMullen, age 81, 109 Holly Drive, Elizabeth, WV, driving while under the influence of alcohol/drugs, a misdemeanor.

Vickie Marie Thompson, age 36, 114 Knox Street, Apt. 22, Marietta, OH, theft of a motor vehicle, a felony.

Shawn Aaron Cloninger, age 33, 1803 Beaver Street, Parkersburg, WV, breach of recognizance, possessing drug abuse instruments, drug paraphernalia, and illegal use of possession of drug paraphernalia, all misdemeanors.

Jarrod Michael File, age 39, 3088 Chaucer Drive, Canton, OH, drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor.

Casey Alexis Anderson, age 23, 45437 Wiley Avenue, Caldwell, OH, possession of drugs, a misdemeanor.

Robert Gregory Price, age 47, 112 Maple Street, Marietta, OH, probation violation, a misdemeanor.

There are currently 17 female inmates and 96 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.