On 23 Sep 19 a Pitbull mixed breed dog belonging to Christopher Wolfe, 73 Callihan Road, Marietta, Ohio, ran loose from his property.  Wolfe’s dog went onto a neighbor’s property and the neighbor later found 2 chickens had been killed.  Sgt. McGilton attempted to speak with Wolfe, however was unsuccessful.  Sgt. McGilton observed the dog in question inside the residence.  The dog appeared to be over three months of age and was not registered.  A summons is being requested for Christopher P. Wolfe, age 46, for failing to restrain and failing to register his dog.

On 28 Sep 19 Deputy Schwendeman issued a citation to Travis R. Potts, 1062 S. Galena Road, Sunbury, OH, for 66 mph in a 55 mph zone.

On 28 Sep 19 Sgt. McKee completed a private property accident report for Brent R. Yurco, 49100 Lakeview Road, Caldwell, OH.  Yurco’s vehicle was struck while parked at the Barlow Fairgrounds and the driver of the vehicle left the scene.

On 27 Sep 19 Deputy A McConnell was working at the Washington County Jail when a block check was being completed and damage was observed in the shower.  After conducting the investigation it was determined that Cecelia Schultz, 749 Mary Street, Belpre, OH, would be charged with criminal damaging.

On 30 Sep 19 Deputy Hall met with Washington County Highway Department personnel who were reporting 2 generators stolen from work sites.  This case remains under investigation.

On 30 Sep 19 Sgt. Reeder was dispatched to 358 Newells Run Road, Newport, Ohio, to a possible burglary in progress. David Dye called 911 stating his daughter just called him stating her husband, Jarrett Mull, broke into the residence, and the phone then went dead.  Sgt. Reeder met with Jarrett Mull, who stated that he came to the house and he and his wife were in a verbal argument on the front porch.  Mull further stated he knocked at the door in an angry and aggressive manner.  Mull went on to say that his wife eventually unlocked the door and he “busted it open”.  Mull claimed his wife was overdramatic when she called her dad.  Sgt. Reeder met with Madison Mull who was visibly upset and crying. Madison explained that she and Jarrett both live there and that she called her dad because she didn’t know what else to do.  Madison states she told her dad that Mull kicked the door in when in fact she let him in after he kicked the door. Madison states that she and Mull were arguing loudly at the door prior to her letting him in. Madison Leigh Dye Mull, age 19, and Jarrett L. Mull, age 20, 358 Newells Run Road, Newport, OH, will both be summoned into Marietta Municipal Court for disorderly conduct by fighting.

On 30 Sep 19 Lt. Hunter met with a Par Mar Stores employee who reported fountain drinks, and food items were stolen from the business.  This case remains under investigation.

The following subject(s) were processed into the Washington County Jail between Tuesday 1 Oct 19 and 2 Oct 19:

Reginald Terrel Sims, age 28, 124 Tennis Center Drive, Apt. 1B, Marietta, OH, probation violation, a misdemeanor.

Chelsea Nichole Hayes, age 28, 470 Schau Road, Lowell, OH, probation violation, a felony.

William Edward Bartges, Jr., age 46, 2800 Beach Drive, Lot 10, Belpre, OH, domestic violence, a felony.

Delecia Dawn Davis, age 46, 22945 CR 9, New Matamoras, OH, possession of drugs, a felony.

McKenzie Ann Cowman, age 26, 814 Seneca Drive, Belpre, OH, domestic violence, a felony.

Jeremy Ray Davis, age 41, 1072 Leith Run Road, New Matamoras, OH, driving under suspension, 2 counts, both misdemeanors, and contempt of court, 2 counts, both felonies.

Aaron Christopher Goins, Sr., age 47, 1830 State Route 550, Cutler, OH, probation violation, 2 counts, both misdemeanors.

There are currently 26 female inmates and 96 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.