On 24 Sep 19 Deputy Parks and Deputy Young responded to 706 Main Street,  New Matamoras, Ohio, after dispatch received a call from Amanda Hartline reporting her husband, Nelson Hartline, attacked a juvenile and locked himself in the residence.  Lt. Augenstein and other Deputies arrived soon after to assist with the investigation.

Deputies attempted contact with Nelson multiple times, announcing the presence of law enforcement. Nelson eventually acknowledged their presence but refused to come outside. Nelson told deputies to leave and get off of his property, closing the curtains to block the view inside. At one point Nelson turned the volume up on the television loud enough to drown out Deputies trying to communicate with him.  Deputies also attempted contact via public service, however, he would not answer the phone.

Deputies were able to obtain a house key and Deputies announced that they were entering the residence, with Nelson replying that he would defend himself if they made entry.

As Deputies unlocked the front door and attempted to make entry, Nelson tried to block the doorway by holding up a walking cane and poking Deputy Young through the cracked door.  As Deputies were able to open the door Nelson continued to block their entry and began fighting with them shoving Deputy Parks onto the couch. Nelson then was on top of Deputy Parks, grabbing at her mouth, inserting his fingers in her mouth, causing injury to Deputy Parks.  Deputy Young deployed his Taser when Nelson initially took Deputy Parks onto the couch, which had no impact on Nelson.  Deputy Young physical removed Nelson from Deputy Parks.  Nelson also attempted to bite Deputy Young while he was being restrained.

Nelson was eventually restrained and placed in handcuffs. As Nelson was escorted to the patrol vehicle, he sat into the car, however, would not place his right leg in the vehicle. Nelson was instructed to do so and eventually, Deputies attempted to lift his leg in for him. At this point, Nelson grabbed at Lt. Augenstein’s throat but was quickly prevented from doing so.

Nelson Troy Hartline, age 45, was placed under arrest on 2 counts of assault on a peace officer, disrupting public service, obstructing official business and 2 counts of domestic violence.  Nelson was transported to the Washington County Jail for processing and appearance in Marietta Municipal Court.

Hartline appeared in Marietta Municipal Court and is being held on a $100,000 bond.