On 10 Sep 19 Sgt. Johnson took a report in Independence Township in reference to numerous street signs being stolen. This would include stop and yield signs as well.  If anyone has any information please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 740-376-7070 ext. 0.

On 31 Aug 19 Deputy Brown met with Sgt. McKee at the Washington County fairgrounds.  Deputy Brown took Matthew S Freeman, age 38, into custody on a warrant out of Butler County, Ohio.  Fugitive charges were filed on Freeman.

On 4 Sep 19 Sgt. McGilton made contact with James Rhodes, 425 County House Lane, Marietta, OH, in reference to his two dogs running loose.  Rhodes’ dogs were running on other neighbor’s property and in the roadway.  One dog was struck by a vehicle.  Rhodes confirmed his dogs had been loose and advised one did get struck by a vehicle while it was on County House Lane.   Rhodes stated the dogs “usually” stay in his yard.  A summons is being requested for Rhodes for failing to restrain his two dogs.     

On 4 Sep 19 Deputy Young and Lt. Augenstein responded Arends Ridge Road, Marietta, OH, to a report of an assault.  Contact was made with Damion Laning.  When asked who was involved in the incident, Laning stated it was him and Cassandra Daily.   Laning stated prior to our arrival Daily and another female were arguing and when they stopped arguing Daily started yelling at him (Laning). Laning stated Daily was in his face yelling and he pushed her away, and they then began to wrestle on the floor.  While on the floor Daily hit him in the private area and at that time he grabbed Daily by the neck and struck her in the face, and pulled her hair.  The story given by Laning was confirmed and Daily gave a statement consistent with the one by Langing.  Damion Albert Laning, age 22, 300 Arends Ridge Road, Marietta, OH, was arrested and transported to the Washington County Jail for assault.    

On 6 Sep 19 Lt. Gherke began an investigation into a domestic violence incident.  In speaking with all parties this was determined to be unfounded.

On 7 Sep 19 Deputy Hall met with William Scott, Beach Drive, Belpre, OH, in reference to stolen items.  This case remains under investigation.

On 7 Sep 19 Sgt. Reeder began an investigation in reference to a stolen utility trailer from Chester Wilson, Wright Road, Marietta, OH.  This case remains under investigation.

On 7 Sep 19 Deputy Hall responded to 108 Shamrock Drive, Marietta, OH, in reference to Janet Butler reporting her husband, David A Butler, threatening harm.  Janet stated that David was upset  and made comments that concerned her.   David spoke with Deputy Hall outside and stated he and Janet were going through some things and denied wanting to hurt himself.    David Allen Butler, age 39,  was placed under arrest for domestic violence and transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.

On 7 Sep 19 Lt. Hunter and Deputy Hall were dispatched to 20125 State Route 550, Marietta, OH, to a disturbance at this residence.  Cory Meeks was reportedly out of control and believed to be on some sort of narcotic(s).   Sgt. Reeder and Deputy Huffer left this same residence approximately 2 ½ hours earlier on the same day for the same reason. Lt. Hunter arrived and Meeks was located and placed under arrest.  Meeks denied acting disorderly during his arrest, but  family members advised he had been acting out of control all day long.  Cory E. Meeks, age 34, was placed under arrest and charged with disorderly conduct.  Meeks was transported to the Washington County Jail. 

On 7 Sep 19 Sgt. Reeder  was dispatched to 1178 Moss Run Road,  Marietta, OH, to a protection order violation report at the Shane Mosser residence.   Mosser reported that Jennifer Mosser had just left the residence after accusing them of hacking her “cyber accounts”.  Jennifer had also called and sent texts earlier, making these allegations as well as threatening harm to a female subject.    The protection order was in effect through Marietta Municipal Court.  Sgt. Reeder spoke with Jennifer, who admitted to being at the residence and speaking with Shane.  Jennifer denied any threats were made towards the female.  Jennifer Kae Mosser, age 39, was placed under arrest for violation of a protection order and aggravated menacing.

On 7 Sep 19 Sgt. McGilton was advised that Teresa Hamrick’s dog became loose from her residence at 2357 Plum Run Road, Waterford, OH, and went onto a neighbor’s property and made contact with a restrained dog on that property.   A charge of failing to restrain her dog will be filed on Teresa M. Hamrick, age 46, Waterford, OH.      

On 8 Sep 19 Deputy Schwendeman began an investigation in reference to domestic violence.  In speaking with all parties it was determined to be unfounded.

On 8 Sep 19 Sgt. Reeder was dispatched to the Beverly Lock and Dam at the request of the lock master regarding a female in the area doing jumping jacks on the tables in the park, yelling and screaming, and talking to herself. Upon arrival, the female was gone, after being told to leave by the lock master.   Elizabeth Riley Mockler, age 23, was located and found to be stumbling around and falling in a ditch.  Mockler continued to yell and scream when being asked to calm down and stop.  Mockler was placed under arrest and transported to the Washington County Jail on a charge of disorderly conduct.

The following subject(s) were processed into the Washington County Jail between Monday 9 Sep 19 and Wednesday 11 Sep 19:

Noble Isaac Gibson III, age 39, homeless, fugitive from justice, a misdemeanor, and attempted murder (warrant), a felony.

Jeana Lee Christy, age 37, 10 Brown Road, Marietta, OH, failure to appear and fugitive from justice, both misdemeanors.

Sabrina Dawn Seevers, age 39, 1321 39th Street, Parkersburg, WV, falsification, illegal use or possession of drug paraphernalia and driving under suspension, all misdemeanors.

Kyle Morgan Bigler, age 22, 3332 E. Dupont Avenue, Shrewsbury, WV, obstructing official business, driving under suspension and fictitious plates, all misdemeanors.

Aaron Travis Sedwick, age 31, 16551 Niggemyer Road, Guysville, OH, contempt of court, a misdemeanor, and breach of recognizance, a felony.

There are currently 19 female inmates and 93 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.