On 16 Aug 19, a warrant was requested by Sgt. Tornes for the arrest of Eric Dean Barth, age 32, unknown whereabouts, on a charge of failure to provide a change of address.  Barth was sentenced in Ohio in May of 2018 and ordered to register with the Sheriff or a designee as a Tier 2 sex offender for a period of 25 years for the offense of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.  The sentence states he must register within 5 days of a change in address.  On 30 Apr 19 Barth had his initial registration and registered an address on Third Street, Marietta, OH.  On 16 Aug 19 Barth’s parole officer advised that when conducting a home visit on 15 Aug 19 Barth was reported to not live at the address and hadn’t lived there for over three weeks.  The warrant was requested and issued to the Sheriff’s Office.

On 16 Aug 19 Deputy Parks was dispatched to 27317 State Route 7, Apt. A, Marietta, OH, in reference to Debra Sampson reporting a fight with her husband, Timothy Sampson.  Debra advised they had separated from each other and Timothy was leaving in a white Jeep.  Deputy Parks met with Timothy nearby and he advised his wife had punched him and struck him in the head with a wooden broom handle.  Timothy advised the fight started over him wanting to leave and purchase marijuana.  Contact was made with Debra who advised that while sleeping Timothy woke her up to tell her he was leaving to go purchase marijuana.  Debra stated they began to argue about this and he picked her up and threw her into the recliner.  Due to conflicting accounts of the day, Deputy Parks will be requesting a summons through Marietta Municipal Court on a charge of disorderly conduct for Debra Lee Sampson, age 25, and Timothy Matthew Sampson, age 27.

On 16 August 19 Deputy Zide was on patrol near Front Street, Marietta, OH, when he observed a silver Honda crossing the Putnam Street Bridge at what appeared to be a high rate of speed, and running the red light at Front and Putnam Street.  A traffic stop was conducted with the driver being identified, along with a passenger, Ananda Trembly.   Deputy Zide immediately noted the driver had darting eye contact, and what appeared to be a strong heartbeat.  Ananda appeared to be sweating profusely and was fidgeting around in the back seat.  K9 Rita was taken around the vehicle with her giving a positive indication. The occupants were removed, all denying there was anything illegal in the car. A search was then performed in which a baggie of a crystal-like substance consistent with methamphetamine was located near Ananda’s position. The baggie had been opened and the crystal substance was all over the floor mat. Ananda denied everything about the crystal substance but admitted to reaching in that area stating she dropped her cigarette multiple times.   Ananda Joy Trembly, age 43, lka: 709 Phillips Street, Marietta, OH,  was placed under arrest for aggravated possession.  The baggie containing the suspected meth later tested at 6.33g (bulk).  Trembly was transported to the Washington County Jail.

On 17 Aug 19 Deputy Parks and Deputy Zide were dispatched to 15980 State Route 60, Adams Township, to a report of a suspicious vehicle parked at this residence.  Deputy Parks met with Janetta Long, who was getting into the front passenger compartment of a Dodge truck.  Contact was also made with Carla Clark, who exited from the front of the residence with a screwdriver in her hand.   Both subjects were asked what was going on when Clark advised they were there just looking around.   Long continued to look in the direction of the residence, and when asked if anyone else was in the residence she indicated there was.  Deputy Zide and K9 Rita entered the residence, announcing themselves three times with no response from within.  Deputy Zide did locate Jeremy Campbell hiding in a closet inside the bathroom of the residence.   Campbell was asked if he knew who owned the house, and he indicated he did not.  Campbell was asked if anyone gave him permission to be in the house, and he stated no.  Clark was asked what had been taken out of the residence, and she advised some pots and pans.  Upon checking the bed of the truck, three plug in cooking skillets/pots and one Mr. Burger II grill were located.   On the front porch of the residence, a crowbar and screwdriver were located.  In the bathroom, a red backpack, identified as belonging to Campbell, was found with miscellaneous tools inside to include a machete, hammer, wrenches, pliers, and screwdrivers.  The property owner was contacted and he advised no one had permission to be on the property or inside the property.  Jeremy Wayne Campbell, age 37, 57 Garage Lane, Waterford, OH, was placed under arrest for breaking and entering, possession of criminal tools and theft.  While being patted down, Campbell was found to be in possession of a butane torch in his pocket.  Campbell was also arrested on an outstanding warrant.  Carla Yvonne Clark, age 35, 57 Garage Lane, Waterford, OH, was placed under arrest for breaking and entering and theft.  Janetta Marie Long, age 50, homeless, was arrested for complicity to breaking and entering.  All three subjects were transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.

The following subject(s) were processed into the Washington County Jail between Friday 16 Aug 19 and Monday 19 Aug 19:

Zachary David Clark, age 20, 216 Phillips Street, Marietta, OH, probation violation, a misdemeanor.

Robert Edward Carpenter, age 19, homeless, probation violation, a misdemeanor.

Andrew James Somervill, age 30, 512 Wilbur Street, Parkersburg, WV, probation violation, a misdemeanor.

James Matthew Bunner, age 37, 16640 Thompson Ridge Road, Athens, OH, breach of recognizance, a felony.

Ananda Joy Trembly, age 43, possession of drugs, a felony.

Dillon Gage Anderson, age 24, Buckeye Park, Marietta, OH, probation violation, a misdemeanor, and trespass in a habitation, a felony.

Timothy Matthew Sampson, age 27, Cedar Bark, Apts. 40, Marietta, OH, aggravated menacing, a misdemeanor.

Taccaro Preaun Saunders, age 37, 205 Locust Street, Belpre, OH, probation violation, a misdemeanor.

Jeremy Wayne Campbell, age 37, 57 Garage Lane, Waterford, OH, breach of recognizance, breaking and entering and possessing criminal tools, all felonies, and theft, a misdemeanor.

Janetta Marie Long, age 50, homeless, complicity, a felony.

Jordan D Colebank, age 22, 811 Belrock Avenue, Apt. 6, Belpre, OH, disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

Carla Yvonne Clark, age 35, homeless, breaking and entering, a felony, theft 3without consent, a misdemeanor.

Walter Richard McBride, age 30, 806 Fourth Street, Marietta, OH, domestic violence, a felony.

Falcon Ross Owens, 220 South Second Street, Apt. B, Marietta, OH, domestic violence and aggravated burglary, both felonies, probation violation and theft, both misdemeanors.

McKenzie Cowman, age 26, 814 Seneca Drive, Belpre, OH, domestic violence, a felony.

There are currently 27 female inmates and 100 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.