2nd Subject Arrested in Beverly Par Mar Robbery

On 30 Jul 19 Det. Sgt. McPeek filed charges on Robert Justin Wells, age 37, 3491 E. State Route 60 NE, McConnelsville, OH, for his part in the aggravated robbery at the Beverly Par Mar, at the Washington County Jail where he is incarcerated.

On 6 Jul 19 the Washington County Sheriff’s Office responded to an armed robbery at the Beverly Par-Mar, 100 5th Street, Beverly, Ohio.  Upon arrival officers met with the clerk, Luis Bautista. 
During the investigation, Detectives viewed surveillance footage and a male was observed entering the store through the main entrance, approaching the clerk, (Luis Bautista) and brandishing a handgun.  The subject tossed Bautista a bag and according to Bautista, told him he knew what to do.  Bautista advised Detectives he was emptying the cash register into the bag when the male suspect grabbed 7 cartons of Marlboro cigarettes from the rack behind the counter.  The suspect took the bag from Bautista and exited the store.  During the robbery Bautista was observed retrieving money from a location that the robber should not have known about. 
On 11 Jul 19 Detectives executed a search warrant at the Bautista residence.  During the search, Detectives recovered approximately 11.9 grams of a white crystal substance that field tested positive for methamphetamine, along with a revolver, checks from Sherlock Oil, a digital scale, and new baggies.    Detectives also recovered packs of Marlboro cigarettes, plus a partial pack in Bautista’s pocket, and 3 empty packs in the trash. 
Bautista initially claimed he had been stealing the cigarette packs from the store but later said he had obtained them from Robert Wells in exchange for methamphetamine.   Bautista advised Robert Wells had been in the Par-Mar before the robbery and he recognized the robber’s voice as Robert Wells.   
Luis Bautista was previously arrested on complicity to aggravated robbery and trafficking in drugs in the vicinity of juveniles.   
Detectives located Robert Wells and arrested for 2 breaking and entering.  Detectives re-interviewed Wells at the Washington County Jail  and Wells confessed to robbing the Beverly Par-Mar with a BB gun, advising it was Bautista’s idea and he obtained half of the money and half of the cigarettes.