On 22 Jun 19 Deputy Parks was dispatched to 201 Main Street, Lower Salem, OH, in reference to Stacey Carpenter leaving a message for family stating she needed help.  Carpenter advised Ross Phillips was in a truck passed out and Tammy Sturm was driving him.  Carpenter advised she lives with Ross Phillips and today they were in a verbal argument and at one point Phillips pushed a door into her as she was trying to get away from him.  She stated he also put her in a choke hold and threw her on the bedroom floor.  Carpenter stated this was not the first violent incident with Phillips.  Carpenter advised Phillips gave her a black eye the day prior, which was observed to be bruised and swollen.  Phillips had left the residence prior to Deputy Parks arriving and had gotten a ride from his mother, Tammy Sturm.  Deputy Parks spoke with Phillips later in this investigation, and recognized Sturm’s voice in the background.  Sturm assisted Phillips in absconding from the area prior to law enforcement arrival, preventing and delaying the investigation of a domestic violence incident.  A summons is being requested for Tammy Sturm, age 50, 331 Main Street, Lower Salem, OH, for obstructing official business.  A warrant is being requested for Ross Lester Phillips, age 32, 331 Main Street, Lower Salem, OH, for domestic violence.

On 22 Jun 19  Deputy Parks completed a private property accident report for Rodney L. Snider, New Matamoras, OH, when he was driving his 2010 Harley motorcycle and struck a tree at the end of his property.  The vehicle received functional moderate damage.

On 23 Jun 19 Lt. Augenstein and other Deputies responded to 1216 Williamson Avenue, New Matamoras, Ohio, to a report of a subject on the porch of this residence threatening people.  A witness reported seeing Shamen Thomas standing on the porch with a hunting rifle, no shirt, wearing camo shorts.  Thomas was acting strange and it was believed that he may be on meth.  Lt. Augenstein met with the individuals and observed Thomas lying down inside the residence. Sgt. Holbert spoke to Thomas and Lt. Augenstein spoke with the other individuals.  Both witnesses advised they seen Thomas walk in with a hunting rifle last night when he arrived at the residence but had not seen him with it this morning, advising it was currently in a closet.  Thomas admitted to carrying the rifle inside the night before because he didn’t want to leave it in the truck, but denied being outside at any point this morning with the gun.  He did confirm speaking with the one witness, stating it was the night before and not this morning.  Shamen Rayne Thomas, age 18, 2715 Danas Run Road, Newport, OH, was placed under arrest for having weapons while under disability.

On 23 Jun 19 Lt. Augenstein responded to a residence on State Route 550, Marietta, OH,  to a report of  Carole Needs being under the influence of something and refusing to leave.  Lt. Augenstein met with witnesses to the incident and was advised that Needs asked for a place to stay earlier in the night.   Needs was advised she could come there as long as she was not under the influence of anything.  Needs arrived and was dozing on and off, and when woke became belligerent and screaming at the residents, refusing to leave.  Lt. Augenstein made contact with Needs and advised her why he was there and that she could be given a ride to another location.  Needs behavior continued to escalate at which time Needs was advised that she was being placed under arrest.  Carole S. Needs, age 31, LKA: 111 Victory Place, Marietta, OH, was placed under arrest and charged with possessing drug abuse instruments and disorderly conduct.  Needs was found to have a small bag in her purse with needles, baggies and a container of residue.  Needs was transported out the Washington County Jail.

On 24 Jun 19 Deputy White completed a private property accident report at the Waterford Elementary School.   A juvenile drove a vehicle to practice at that location and upon going to leave later found that damage had been done to the side of the vehicle.  This case remains under investigation at this time.

On 24 Jun 19 Sgt. Reeder completed a private property accident report at 38090 SR 7, Newport, Ohio.  Larry Shuman, New Matamoras, OH, was driving his Ford Escape when his foot slipped and he struck the building.  The vehicle received functional damage and was driven away.  Minor damage was done to the building.

On 24 Jun 19 Deputy Zide issued a citation to Gregory P. Huckno, 1519 15th Street, Parkersburg, WV, for driving without a valid operator’s license.

On 25 Jun 19 Deputy Carr along with the Little Muskingum Volunteer Fire Department responded to 2215 State Route 26, to an abandoned house fire.  This case remains under investigation.

The following subject(s) were processed into the Washington County Jail between Monday 24 Jun 19 to Tuesday 25 Jun 19:

Brian Keith McKinney, age 33, 408 Gallagher Street, St. Mary’s, WV, probation violation, unauthorized use of motor vehicle. Driving under the influence, no operator’s license, no seatbelt and failure to control, all misdemeanors.

Larry Gale Thompson Jr., age 36, criminal mischief, a misdemeanor.

Gary Dean Beagle Jr., age 34, 375 Main Street, Waterford, OH, probation violation, a misdemeanor.

Joseph Allen Bailey, ag 56, domestic violence, a felony.

Taylor Layne Parmiter, age 28, 1308 Lancaster Street, Marietta, OH, driving under suspension 2 counts, failure to appear and operating with plates of previous owner, all misdemeanors.

Daniel Benson Adams, age 69, 8615 SR 821, Lower Salem, OH, aggravated menacing, a misdemeanor.Timothy Noel McKinley, age 22, 306 Elm Street, Belpre, OH, probation violation, a misdemeanor.

There are currently 25 female inmates and 86 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.