Special News Release 29 May 19

On 15 May 19 Sgt. Holbert responded to 1230 Martin Road, Reno, OH, to the Justin Cochran residence.  The Cochrans reported leaving their home on 14 May and returning on 15 May to find their back door kicked in and several firearms missing.  A few of the weapons include a Ruger American filed, Diamondback AR 15, and Riley Defense AK47.  Weapons left behind were found to be non-functioning.   The Cochrans advised Sgt. Holbert of possible subject(s) involved in the break-in.  The subject(s) knew the Cochrans would not be home and knew where the weapons were kept.

On 16 May 19 Deputies made contact with one subject of interest, Devan Welsh, at his residence at 1915 Silver Globe Road, Marietta, OH.  Welsh denied any involvement and allowed Deputies to search the home for firearms, finding none of the stolen items. Welsh also allowed Deputies to look at his boots to see if they matched those at the scene, which they did not.  When asked where he was during the burglary, Welsh gave a timeline for the date/time in question.  Welsh requested we obtain a search warrant in order to look at his phone, which was completed.  Text messages were observed that show Welsh talking to someone stating the “popo” was in his driveway, which would be at the time when Sgt. Holbert stopped at the residence on 15 May 19.

On 23 May 19 Deputies met with another subject of interest, Cory Hooper, at his residence on Indian Run Road.  Hooper denied any involvement in the burglary and said he was with Devan Welsh at Seneca Lake, (the same story Welsh gave).  Hooper allowed Officers to look at his phone and a text from “Devan W” was observed that stated, “the cops r coming 2 ur house now we went fishing last nighy at senca lake”.  A review of the Google search showed a search for weapons that matched the weapons that were removed from the Cochran residence.  A search warrant was then obtained for the Hooper residence.  During the search, an ammunition can, with Ruger rifle magazines and ammunition was found hidden inside a fireplace in the basement.  The Cochrans were able to positively identify the can as belonging to them.   Hooper was interviewed again at which time he stated he drove Welsh to the Cochran residence and waited in the vehicle.   During the search at the Hooper residence a CMXX pump was discovered which had been reported stolen from Fleming, OH, in February.  Also located was a 3400 Champion Generator, Mantis Tiller and a weed eater.  These items were reported stolen from Barlow Township in February 2019.

Devan Daniel Welsh, age 28, was arrested for complicity to burglary and complicity to the theft of firearms.

Cory Michael Hooper, age 29, 110 Indian Run Road, Marietta, OH, was placed under arrest for tampering with evidence, complicity to commit theft and burglary.

Hooper and Welsh were transported to the Washington County Jail and appeared in Marietta Municipal Court.