Ohio Organized Crime Investigations Commission Special News Release 2 May 19   

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An investigation by Agents of the Ohio Organized Crimes Investigations Commission, Washington Morgan Noble Major Crimes Task Force was conducted in Belpre, Washington County, Ohio, resulting in arrests for drug trafficking.

On 1 May 19 Agents along with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office SRT conducted a search warrant at 709 Clement Avenue, Belpre, OH.

Joshua Reichley, Linwood Turner, Adriane Cochran, Richard Mollohan, Lindsey Lucas, and Nathan Riggins were all located in the residence and later placed under arrest.

Agents made entry and observed Linwood Turner in the kitchen along with Richard Mollohan.  A .22 caliber revolver was recovered near Turner’s feet.  The refrigerator door, which was ajar at the time, was found to have what appeared to be two plastic baggies and a set of digital scales on a shelf.  One bag contained a white powdery substance and the other a crystal-like substance with a smaller bag inside.  The bags were later weighed and found to weigh 14.32 grams, 12.17 grams, and 1.88 grams.  The baggie with 14.32 grams was field tested and yielded a positive indication for meth, and the others each yielded a positive indication for heroin.

Mollohan indicated he came to the residence earlier to purchase a small amount of heroin and meth and the drugs were in his Cadillac in the driveway.  Mollohan also had a baggie containing a white powdery substance on his person, which field tested positive for heroin and weighing .85 grams.

Agents recovered a foil fold with a white powdery substance, a plastic baggie containing a white powdery substance, and other miscellaneous drug paraphernalia inside Mollohan’s vehicle.

Joshua Reichley advised Agents he was paid $100.00 on multiple occasions to transport Linwood Turner to Belpre, Ohio from Columbus, Ohio.

Agents searched the bedroom of the resident owner, Lindsey Lucas, and located a plastic baggie with a white powdery substance, and a container with a white powdery substance.  The baggie and contents were found to weigh .65 grams and the container and contents were found to weigh 4.87 grams.  Both items were field tested and indicated positive for heroin.

During a pat-down search of Nathan Riggins, Deputies located 2.5 Flexeril pills, 1 Gabapentin capsule, and a snort tube, containing white powdery residue throughout the tube.  Agents later field tested the snort tube and it yielded a positive result for heroin.

A search of Adriane Cochran’s purse revealed 2 brownish cotton swabs, several baggies, multiple syringes, and plastic baggies containing powdery residue.  The two brownish swabs were found to weigh .28 grams, and tested positive for heroin.

A loaded Larsen .380 caliber handgun was located on a living room chair, a double barrel .45 caliber handgun under the kitchen sink, and additional ammunition on the kitchen counter.

Linwood Turner has prior felony convictions for improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle, possession of drugs and robbery from the Columbus/Franklin County area.

Linwood Jamal Turner, age 29, lka: 2775 Barrows Road, Columbus, OH, was arrested and charged with 2nd-degree felony trafficking in heroin, 3rd-degree felony trafficking in methamphetamine, and 3rd-degree felony having weapons under disability.

Joshua Daniel Reichley, age 23, 322 Mohican Road, Canal Winchester, OH, was arrested for 2nd-degree felony complicity to trafficking in heroin, and 3rd-degree felony complicity to trafficking in methamphetamine.

Lindsey Marie Lucas, age 34, 709 Clement Avenue, Belpre, OH was arrested for 3rd-degree felony possession of heroin.

Nathan Paul Riggins, age 33, 700 8th Street, Parkersburg, WV, Adriane Brooke Cochran, age 23, 1501 Crescent Street, Parkersburg, WV, and Richard Brewster Mollohan, age 32, 214 ½ Joseph Street, Beckley, WV, were all charged with 5th degree felony possession of heroin, and transported to the Washington County Jail.

All subjects appeared in Marietta Municipal Court on 2 May 19 and received the following bonds.

Mollohan, $2000 bond; Turner, a combined bond of $50,000 and a PR; Riggins and Cochran, each received $2000 bond; Reichley, a combined bond of $35,000 and a PR; and Lucas, $25,000 bond.

The Washington Morgan Noble Major Crimes Task Force is part of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s Organized Crime Investigation Commission and is comprised of representatives of Post 84 of the Ohio State Highway Patrol; Washington, Morgan and Noble County Sheriff’s Offices; the Marietta, Belpre and McConnelsville Police Departments; and the Washington, Morgan and Noble County Prosecutor’s Office.