Recovered Item

Within the past week, an item was found on the Washington Street Bridge, Marietta, Ohio, that had fallen off a boat. If this item belongs to you, please contact Dave Tornes at 740-376-7070, ext. 4181, and be prepared to identify and describe the item.

Marietta City Power Outage

Marietta is experiencing some major power outages (unknown reason) at this time. Please remember to treat intersections with non-working traffic signals as a 4-way STOP. Thank you.


The Washington County Sheriff’s Office has received information regarding a Virtual Kidnapping Scam. Follow the link to read the information the FBI has published about this scam.

Designated O’Driver

Each year, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with plenty o’ green beer. Unfortunately, it often ends with risky drunk drivers taking to the streets when the parties end. Drunk driving accounts for nearly one-third of vehicle-related fatalities in the United States. This St. Patrick’s Day weekend,

Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper

Information and picture from Ohio Going Blue, Facebook Thoughts and prayers needed for an Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper. A trooper (Marietta, Ohio) was hit while inside his vehicle during a traffic stop by a semi. The Trooper is alert. We will keep you updated as we

Update on Phone Line

At this time, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office non emergency line is back up and working. Thank you.

Non Emergency Phone Line

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is currently experiencing phone line issues. Our non emergency line is not working. Our IT department is working on this issue at this time. Be advised that our 911 lines are still working. Thank you.

Recovered Jacket and Contents

A Carhartt jacket with various contents inside was found in Aurelius Township. If this is yours, please contact dispatch and be prepared to describe the jacket color along with the contents inside the jacket. The case number to reference is 18-016501.