On 5 Feb 19 Deputy Carr was dispatched to a possible domestic incident in Marietta Township.  In speaking with all parties it was determined to be unfounded.

On 5 Feb 19 Sgt. McGilton filed charges for failure to register a dog against Jacob Fletcher, 1206 County House Lane, Apt. C, Marietta, OH.  In December 2018, Sgt. McGilton met with Fletcher regarding his German Shepherd dog, advising that the dog needed to be registered by 1/31/2019.  Fletcher became agitated stating he was told by a trainer that he did not have to register the dog and also stated the dog was a certified service dog, helping someone with epilepsy.  Sgt. McGilton advised that he needed to have the dog registered.  On 5 Feb 19 after checking with the Auditor’s Office, Sgt. McGilton was advised that Fletcher had not registered the dog.  In speaking with Fletcher again he stated that no, he did not obtain registration for the dog. Fletcher was advised that a summons would be issued for him for failing to register the dog.

The following warrants were processed at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office:

Zachary Ryan Hanson, 2295 Odessa Drive, Zanesville, OH, probation violation.

Phillip Dale West, 50510 State Route 7, New Matamoras, OH, failure to appear on an abusing harmful intoxicants charge.

Timothy Francis Eugene Blake, 8439 Eston Avenue, Jacksonville, FL, failure to appear on a nonsupport of dependents case and failure to appear on a driving while under the influence of alcohol/drugs charge.

Michael Douglas Kenney Jr., 2605 Keffer Road, Stockport, OH, theft by deception.

The following subjects were processed into the Washington County Jail between Monday 4 Feb 19 and Tuesday 5 Feb 19:

Justice Raine Mayle, age 19, 3440 Market Street, Stockport, OH, probation violation.

William James McElfresh, age 40, 16727 Maple Avenue, Caldwell, OH, breach of recognizance and 2 counts possessing drug abuse instruments, all misdemeanors.

Connie Sue Barton, age 42, 814 Clifton Street, Marietta, OH, probation violation, a misdemeanor.

Stephen Paul Garner Jr., age 25, 1210 Broadway Avenue, Parkersburg, WV, probation violation,  a misdemeanor.

There are currently 21 female inmates and 101 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.