On 28 Nov 18 Lt. Augenstein responded to Waterford Township in reference to a possible disorderly conduct incident.  This case remains under investigation.

On 3 Dec 18 Deputies responded to Robert Harlow’s residence, Federal Road, Coolville, to a burglary complaint.  This case remains under investigation. (415)

On 4 Dec 18 Deputies responded to the Family Dollar, Beverly, OH, in reference to a break-in at that location.  This case remains under investigation.

On 4 Dec 118 Deputy Young met with George Amos, New Matamoras, OH, in reference to a four-wheeler being stolen.  This case remains under investigation.

On 5 Dec 18 at approximately 4:35 a.m. Deputies responded to the Lowell Moose Lodge, 11561 State Route 60, Lowell, to an alarm at that location  Deputies checked the building after the key holder found forcible entry and items stolen.  Dispatch also received a call from a Lowell resident advising a male subject was on their porch asking to use the phone as he was hunting and his friends left him behind.  Lt. Augenstein responded to this residence and identified the male as Wesley Miller.  Miller was asked what he was doing and he again advised he was hunting but his friends left him behind.  Lt. Augenstein continued speaking with Miller, noting he was not dressed for hunting, nor did he have hunting equipment with him.  Miller was sitting on the steps and beside Miller was a bag containing bank bags and other bags.  These bags were found to contain cash, and one of the bags also had the words “Moose Daily Deposit” written on it.  Miller advised he had no clue where the bag came from and it must have been there.  Upon detaining Miller, and placing handcuffs on him, he attempted to flee.  Lt. Augenstein was able to keep ahold of Miller and after a brief struggle, Miller was secured and placed in the patrol vehicle.  Miller advised that he had done what he was suspected of doing.   Wesley Ian Miller, age 31, 12020 Waterford Road, Waterford, OH, was placed under arrest and charged with breaking and entering, safecracking and obstructing official business.  Miller was transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.

The following subjects were recently sentenced in Washington County Common Pleas Court:

Hanah Elizabeth Clark, age 19, 509 Paton Street, Charlottesville, VA, tampering with evidence, 3rd-degree felony, 30 days County Jail.

Donald Barnard Sirrell, age 58, 1335 Sheridan Road, Kenosha, WI, aggravated robbery, 1st-degree felony, 4 years Orient.

The following subjects were processed into the Washington County Jail between Tuesday 4 Dec 18 and Wednesday 5 Dec 18

Raymond Edward Spears, age 45, 907 Neal Street, Parkersburg, WV, possession of drugs and breach of recognizance, felonies, theft, and breach of recognizance, misdemeanors.

Tyrese James Norris, age 19, 317 Gilman Avenue, Apt. C, Marietta, OH, domestic violence, a misdemeanor.Eric Jon Petriken, age 48, 709 Third Street, Marietta, OH, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, misdemeanors, and assault, a felony.

Wesley Ian Miller, age 31, 12020 Waterford Road, Waterford, OH, breaking and entering and safecracking, felonies, and obstructing official business, a misdemeanor.

Brandon Scott Walters, age 36, 715 Greene Street Apt. A, Marietta, OH, on a warrant for parole violation, a felony.

There are currently 21 female inmates and 96 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.