Amesville Man Charged with Attempted Murder


On 17 Oct 18 Deputy J McConnell along with other Deputies responded to 2050 Roberts Road, Amesville, Ohio where Stephanie Roberts reported to 911 that Vincent Roberts was at her residence and fired a gun at her son, Dwayne Singer.   Stephanie advised Vincent left the residence in a white Mercury Mountaineer and she was unsure of his location at the time.

Stephanie advised Deputies that Vincent showed up at the residence and came inside and started yelling at Dwayne.  Stephanie stated Vincent was wanting to fight with Dwayne, so she pushed Vincent out of the residence and Dwayne went outside as well.  Stephanie stated a short time after they went outside she heard a gunshot.

Singer reported to Deputies that Vincent came to the residence, barged into the home and wanted to fight him (Singer), and threatened  him stating he was going to “beat his —–.”

When asked why Vincent wanted to fight him, Singer stated it was about something he had said about Vincent’s girlfriend.

Singer stated while he was standing on the porch Vincent went into the yard pulled a handgun and threatened to shoot him.  Singer said Vincent then pointed the gun at him and fired it at him, however, Singer was not hit by the round.

Singer showed Deputies the area where Vincent was standing when he shot and it is approximately 15 feet away from where Singer was standing.

A warrant was requested and issued for Vincent Edward Roberts, age 37, 1920 Roberts Road, Amesville, Ohio, for Attempted Murder and Aggravated Burglary, both 1st-degree felonies.