On 11 Sep 18 Sgt. McGilton requested a summons to be issued to Flite Freimann, age 46, 318 Muskingum Drive, Marietta, Ohio for failure to restrain. On 6 Sep 18 a German Shepherd dog belonging to Freimann was loose from the residence.  The dog went onto a neighbor’s property and jumped on their dog, which was restrained on a leash.

On 11 Sep 18 Deputy McConnell began an investigation in reference to an identity theft complaint.  This case remains under investigation.

On 12 Sep 18 Det. Sgt. Smeeks received a BOLO from dispatch in reference to a carjacking in the city of Marietta. The last known location of the vehicle was State Route 7 southbound.  Sgt. Smeeks was on SR 7 and was monitoring traffic when a red Chevrolet station wagon type vehicle passed his location. Sgt. Seeks followed the vehicle until confirmation could be made that this was the vehicle in question.  Once the driver observed Sgt. Smeeks following him, in an unmarked vehicle, he changed lanes and quickly accelerated.  Emergency lights and sirens were activated.  The driver of the vehicle being pursued drove close to the bumpers of vehicles in front of them, as well as passing in the median.  The vehicle continued, driving off the side of the roadway, eventually running a red light at Main Street, Belpre.  The suspect vehicle was observed passing vehicles while driving on the Memorial Bridge.  The suspect was identified by the Marietta Police Department as Jeffrey David Dugan.  A warrant was issued for Dugan on a charge of robbery.  On 17 Sep 18 Dugan turned himself in at the Washington County Jail on the warrant.  Sgt. Smeeks viewed the photographs of Dugan and confirmed him being the individual pursued on State Route 7 on 12 Sep 18, which fled into West Virginia.  Based on the fact that Dugan was traveling in excess of 120 MPH during rush hour traffic, driving off the roadway to pass vehicles, driving through a red light, and failing to stop during an 8 mile pursuit,  a charge of failure to comply was filed on Jeffrey David Dugan, age 35, 2500 Lincoln Avenue, Parkersburg, WV.  This charge is a felony of the 3rd degree.

On 17 Sep 18 Deputy Schwendeman responded to Wesley Township to a possible domestic incident.  In speaking with all parties involved it was determined to be unfounded.

On 17 Sep 18 Deputies along with the Beverly Waterford, Devola and Lowell Adams Volunteer Fire Departments responded to 307 Fourth Street, Lowell, Ohio, to a house fire.   No foul play is suspected and the fire is believed to have started behind a dryer.

 The following individuals were recently sentenced in Washington County Common Pleas Court:

Dalton Matthew Ball, age 20, 6600 McMannis Riggs Road, Beverly, Ohio, grand theft of a firearm F3, breaking and entering F5, 90 days county jail and Star Program, 3 years community control and restitution to victims.

Jeremy Randall Adkins, age 43, 1716 19th Street, Parkersburg, WV, probation violation, 90 days county jail/Oriana House, 5 years community control continued.

Joshua Amos Gibson, age 35, 821 Quincy Street, Parkersburg, WV, domestic violence F4, 90 days county jail, 2 years community control.

Hope Jasmine Thomas, age 28, 192 N. Cemetery Road, Cutler, OH, theft F4, 120 days county jail, 1 year community control and restitution to victim(s).

The following subjects were processed into the Washington County Jail between Sunday 16 Sep 18 and Tuesday 18 Sep 18:

Dwayne Scott Singer, age 26, 2050 Roberts Road, Amesville, OH, theft, a misdemeanor.

Kevin Jason Tucker, age 39, 2668 Barnett Ridge Road, Fleming, OH, domestic violence, a misdemeanor.

Christopher Gene Wilson, age 23, 1234 Putnam Howe Drive, Belpre, OH, probation violation, a misdemeanor.

Kaleb Ryan Hooper, age 19, 414 Washington Street, Marietta, OH, probation violation, a misdemeanor.

There are currently 28 female inmates and 96 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.