Flooding Possibility 9/9-9/11

The National Weather Service is advising our area has the potential for moderate to major flooding by Tuesday afternoon. They are expecting the Ohio River to crest at 39.8 feet, flood stage is 35 feet. The National Weather Service is advising the Ohio River will begin to rise mid-day tomorrow, Sunday 09/09, reaching flood stage mid-day Monday 09/10. The river is expected to crest mid-day Tuesday 09/11. Please see the chart below that specifies which areas of Marietta this will affect.

Ohio River at Marietta Pumphouse

40 Feet Major flooding is occuring. Wayne street at Eighth Street, Greene Street at Second, Seventh and Pike Streets, Front Street at Monroe Street and at the Armory, Pennsylvania Avenue at Linwood Street and at Eton Street, Second Street at Bbutler Street, and Scammel Street at Second and Third Streets are all flooded. On the West Side, Harmar Street at Maple and Pearl Streets, and Market Street at Fort Square are flooded.
39 Feet Pike street at Lafayette, Greene at Third Street, Jefferson Street at East Eight Street, Third Street betwee Butler and Church Streets, and Second Street at Wooster Street are all flooded.
38 Feet Elmwood Avenue at Ash, Hart, Pike and Charles Streets at Seventh Street, Church at Second Street, Butler at Fifth Street, Ohio Street at Second and Third Streets are all flooded.
37 Feet Hart Street at Ash and Fourth Streets, Stark and Jefferson Streets at Seventh Street, Fourth Street at Butler Street, Second and Third Streets at Church Street, Spike Streeet at Olney Street, Lafayette and Wayne Streets at Eighth Street, Greene Street at Fifth and Sixth Streets are flooded.
36 Feet Pike Street at the entrance to Phillips Elementary School, Elmwood Avenue and Hart Street start to flood. Eighth at Ohio and Stark Streets start to flood. Second and Third Streets between Green and Butler floods.
35 Feet Stark Street at 7th Street, Pike Street at Wayne, Elmwood Avenue and Greene Street at the center of Don Drumm Ffield are flooded.