On 6 Aug 18 employees at the Washington County Jail, 101 Westview Avenue, Marietta, noticed that male inmate(s) were repeatedly being escorted to the medical office by a female Corrections Officer without a male officer present, a violation of Washington County Jail policies.

A review of camera footage showed that on 1 Aug 18 Corrections Officer Michelle Kiefer-Erb took a male inmate into the medical office for approximately 14 minutes.

On 2 Aug 18 Kiefer-Erb escorted the male inmate into the medical office for approximately 30 minutes and later in the day, escorted him again into the medical office for approximately 21 minutes.

On 10 Aug 18 Kiefer-Erb escorted the same male inmate into the medical office again and was observed by another officer who returned the inmate to his assigned housing unit.

It was discovered that Kiefer-Erb had not documented any kind of care in the inmate’s medical file, nor did she document anything on the daily medical log.

Kiefer-Erb, when questioned by supervisors, advised she was stretching the inmate’s shoulder, and she did not know why it took so long.  When asked why she did not document the treatments, Kiefer-Erb advised she got busy.

On 17 Aug 18 Washington County Sheriff’s Office Detectives began their investigation into these incidents.  Detectives learned the inmate had been using another inmate’s phone account to call Michelle Kiefer-Erb on a pre-paid cell phone.  During the investigation it was revealed that the inmate and Kiefer-Erb regularly expressed their love towards each other, engaged in phone sex, and discussed post prison plans.

On 18 Aug 18 Detectives interviewed Michelle Kiefer-Erb who confessed to having sexual conduct with the inmate on 4 occasions while he was being held at the Washington County Jail.

Corrections Officer/Nurse Michelle Lynn Kiefer-Erb, age 42, was placed under arrest on 4 counts of sexual battery, each a third degree felony, and processed into the Washington County Jail.