State Jail Inspection – Washington County Jail 100 % Compliant

On July 31 and August 1, 2018 the Washington County Jail, a full service jail, completed its annual jail inspection conducted by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction through the Bureau of Adult Detention. Chapter 5120:1-8-01 through Chapter 5120:1-8-18 of the Ohio Administrative Code pertain to the Minimum Standards for Jails in Ohio.

The inspection was restricted to assessing compliance with standards from the Standards for Jails in Ohio. The standards being inspected focused on Reception and Release, Classification, Security, Housing, Sanitation and Environment Conditions, Communication, Visitation, Medical and Mental Health Services, Food Services, Recreation and Programming, Inmate Discipline, Administrative Segregation, Grievance, Staffing, and Staff Training.

The inspection consisted of receiving and reviewing requested documentation and /or materials, touring selected areas of the jail and having discussions with staff and inmates.

During this inspection process, 180 standards of operations are specified for the reception and release of prisoners, an appropriate classification system (based upon the criteria of sex, age, sentenced or un-sentenced status, mental or physical handicaps, and levels of violence), and assurance of security. Details of the physical environment of the jail are set forth, and policies governing the censorship of mail are established. Service standards state that all jails must have a designated facility physician licensed to practice medicine in Ohio; health appraisals must be completed for each inmate whose stay exceeds 10 days (contents of the appraisal are listed); and requirements for food service operations must meet sanitary standards and health requirements. Jails must provide for recreational programs, for which the exercise periods are specified.

Standards are provided for disciplinary policies and procedures, penalties for violations of rules, due process requirements, administrative segregation of inmates, and grievance procedures. The jail must have written policies and procedures governing jail personnel requirements.

The Washington County Jail was found to be in compliance with 100% of the Standards meeting the requirements of being a Full Compliant Jail.