Registered Sex Offender Wanted for Failing to Register Changes in Address



On 2 Aug 18 Deputy P. Tornes requested a warrant be issued through Marietta Municipal Court for the arrest of Sony Carlos Love, age 37, LKA: 9552 State Route 550, Vincent, Ohio, on a charge of periodic verification of current residence address and failure to provide change of address, both 4th degree felonies.
On 24 Jan 2004 Sony Carlos Love was convicted in Monroe County Common Pleas Court for Importuning, a 5th degree felony.  Love was classified by the court as a sexually oriented offender which requires Love to verify his address in person by a specific date.  Love was due at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office on 17 Jul 18, and after failing to report, was issued a warning letter giving him an additional period of time to verify his residential address.  Love failed to verify, therefore Love is in violation of periodic verification of current residence address.
Attempts were made at the last know address where Deputy Tornes was advised that Love had not resided with her for approximately a month and the only contact with him had been by phone, weeks prior.
As a sexually oriented offender, Love is required to report an address change 20 days prior to the change and no later than 5 days after the change.  Love is in violation of this Ohio Revised Code, and has a previous conviction for failing to provide change of address in 2014, where he plead guilty to this charge.

Sony Carlos Love is described as a white male, brown hair, blue eyes, 5’7″, approximately 200 lbs.

TAT L ARM – fox, deer, barbed wire, Rebel flag
TAT R ARM – smoke faces
TAT UL LEG – Sacred heart w/ DONNA inside
TAT R BREAST – skull
TAT L LEG – time piece
TAT R LEG – tribal
TAT BACK – cross

If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Sony C. Love please contact your local law enforcement or the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 740-376-7070, ext. 0, or Deputy P. Tornes.