During an exit interview of a female employee who had previously resigned from the Sheriff’s Office, Corrections Division, for personal reasons, Supervisors discovered indications of a potential hostile work environment and sexual harassment situation.  An Internal Affairs investigation was initiated concerning Lt. Jason Norman, age 42 and Corrections Officer Ashley Kimes, age 29.  They were both placed on administrative leave with pay on June 22, 2018.

Violations of the following policies were investigated:

Law Enforcement Code of Ethics;
Standards of Personal Conduct and Performance;
Sexual Harassment;
Supervisor’s Role in the Workplace;
Nepotism and Conflicting Relationships;
Utilizing Personal Communications Devices While On Duty; and
Violating Restricted Duties and Assignments;

This investigation revealed Corrections Officer (C/O) Kimes asked another C/O to pose naked with her so as to send nude photographs to Norman.  Kimes also asked this C/O on several occasions if she wanted to participate in a threesome with her and Norman.  Norman sent several text messages to this Corrections Officers asking for nude photographs.  Norman also admitted to asking for nude photographs from two Communications Officers (Dispatchers) who were directly under his command.  Norman sent a text message to one of the dispatcher asking her if she wanted to “hook up” with him meaning to have sexual relations.  Norman gave several false statements during an official investigation.  Kimes resigned on July 2, 2018.  Norman resigned from the Sheriff’s Office on July 19th prior to a preliminary disciplinary hearing to be held on July 20th.  This investigation revealed that Norman and Kimes’ behavior does not represent the values of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.