WCSO Seeks Gender Balance in Workforce

SOURCE: WTAP: College and Law Enforcement Partnership Seeks Gender Balance in Workforce

Currently, women represent almost half of the current workforce nationwide but make up less than 13 percent of law enforcement agencies.

Washington State Community College and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office are partnering up to bring awareness to the opportunity of the career.

“I’ve personally never had any issues with discrimination or sexual harassment. I have been- when I came into law enforcement from day one- and this is I think my fourth agency that I’ve worked for in law enforcement, and I’ve never had one issue. I’ve been accepted fully with open arms with every department I’ve worked for and I’m very grateful for that,” says Sargent Kelly McGilton of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Organizers of the initiative believe that letting women know the potential opportunities of a career in law enforcement is the first step towards bringing more of a gender balance to law enforcement.