On 20 Jun 18 Sgt. McGilton responded to 8500 and 8490 Dalzell Road, Lower Salem, Ohio.  Deputy Zide had been on scene and reported emaciated dogs chained outside on the property. Sgt. McGilton arrived and observed six dogs tied outside.
The first dog (No. 1), a female Boxer mixed breed was chained and lying on the ground curled in a ball with no shelter, food, or water.  No. 1 was extremely emaciated with her ribs, backbone and hip bones protruding.  No. 1 appeared to have demodectic mange, was missing fur, her skin was extremely red, with lesions, and hot to the touch.  No. 1 appeared dehydrated, weak and had difficulty standing up.  No. 1 was given a treat, eating the treat extremely rapidly.  No. 1 was scored by a veterinarian and received 2 of 9 on body condition with possible stunted growth.  No. 1 weighed 22 pounds.
The second dog (No. 2), a male Boxer mixed breed was chained to the ground and sought shelter under an old broken recliner.  No. 2’s chain was wrapped around the clutter on the ground and tangled, preventing him from moving freely.  No. 2 was emaciated with his back bone, hip bones and ribs protruding.  No. 2 appeared to have demodectic mange, and dehydration, although a small plastic container on the ground contained green/brown water.  No. 2 was unable to reach the water due to being tangled.  No. 2, when given a treat, ate it extremely rapidly.  No. 2 was scored by a veterinarian and received 2 of 9 on body condition and C on muscle condition, with possible stunted growth.  No. 2 weighed 25.6 pounds.
The third dog (No. 3), a male Boxer/Pitbull mixed breed.  No. 3 was chained at the rear of the property with a dog house for shelter and 2 containers, (both completely dry).  No. 3 was thin with his ribs, backbone and hip bones protruding, and appearing dehydrated.  No. 3 was assessed by a veterinarian and scored 3 of 9 on body condition and B on muscle condition.   No. 3 weighed 54 pounds.
The fourth dog (No. 4), a male Boxer mixed breed was tied around the side of the residence, with a dog house, with no food and/or water.  Two containers/bucket(s) were nearby, however both were dry and empty.  No. 4 was emaciated with his ribs, backbone and hip bones protruding.  No. 4 attempted to eat garbage scattered on the property as he was being led off the property.  No. 4 was fed treats, which he ate ferociously.  No. 4 showed signs of being dehydrated and  was scored by a veterinarian, scoring 3 of 9 on body condition and B on muscle condition.   No. 4 weighed 40 pounds.
The fifth dog (No. 5), a brown Pitbull mixed breed had a chain wrapped around its neck, while it was chained to a tire in the front yard.  A dog house was nearby for shelter and with 2 containers in the area, one with green/brown water.  No. 5 appeared to be in good body condition, scoring 4.5 on body condition, which is ideal for the dog’s bodyweight.  No. 5 was removed from the property for lack of registration.
The sixth dog (No. 6), a Chow mixed breed was chained to a tree near the side of the residence with a plywood box for shelter and a five gallon bucket in the area, containing a small amount of green/brown water.  No. 6 had very thick medium length fur.  Sgt. McGilton was able to determine the Chow was emaciated through the fur.  No. 6’s ribs, back bone and hip bones were protruding.  No. 6 was assessed by the veterinarian and scored 3 of 9 on body condition, and B on muscle condition.  No. 6 was wearing a valid 2018 registration tag.
Only one of Krueger and De La Cruz’s dogs was registered and all dogs were over 3 months of age.  Sgt. McGilton is requesting summons be issued to Christopher Krueger, age 36, and Roberta De La Cruz, age 36, for five (5) counts of failing to register five dogs on the property, and seven (7) counts of cruelty against a companion animal.   A notice of seizure was posted on the property, which listed hearing scheduled for June 25, 2018 at 1300 hours.

On 21 June 18 Chester L. Binegar, Coal Run Road, Marietta, reported to Sgt. Holbert a Glock handgun missing from his residence.

On 22 Jun 18 Deputy Parks was dispatched to the Waterford Commercial Bank to meet with George Klintworth.  Klintworth advises that he had found the truck he had stolen from him five years ago.  Klintworth pulled valve stems out of his pocket.  Deputy Parks asked Klintworth if he had done this, and he stated “yes ma’am”.  A check was completed on the VIN finding the truck registered to someone other than George Klintworth.  A summons is being requested for George H. Klintworth, age 55, 14285 Muskingum River Road, Lowell, for criminal mischief.

On 22 Jun 18 Deputy Parks began an investigation into a stolen wallet.  The victim later advised the wallet had been returned to him.  Case closed.

On 23 Jun 18 Deputy Parks was dispatched to Muskingum Township to a report of a domestic incident.    The juvenile will be summoned into Washington County Juvenile Court on a charge of delinquency by domestic violence.

The following subjects were processed into the Washington County Jail between    Friday 22 Jun 18 and Monday 25 Jun 18

Michael Thomas Runyon, age 28, on warrants for theft and failure to appear, misdemeanors.

Tyler Steven Clark, age 26, 813 Quarry Street, Marietta, Ohio, domestic violence and probation violation, both misdemeanors.

Robert Dale Dalton III, age 38, 704 Elm Street, Belpre, Ohio, domestic violence, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, possession of drug abuse instruments, misdemeanors.

Ray Shawn Wallace, age 19, 1386 E. 43rd Street, Cleveland, Ohio, aggravated menacing and assault, misdemeanors.

Carrie Ann Streight, age 35, 16 Washington Square, Marietta, Ohio, possession of drugs, 2 counts, felonies and probation violation, misdemeanor.

Austin Chance Tullius, age 23, 50 Flint Run Road, Waterford, Ohio, driving under suspension and having physical control of a vehicle, misdemeanors.

Randy Jay Johnson, 216 Blennerhassett Avenue, Belpre, Ohio, abduction and disrupting public service, felonies, domestic violence, weapons while intoxicated, inducing panic, and aggravated menacing, misdemeanors.

Charles Edward Atkinson, age 33, 1210 Burnett Road, Cutler, Ohio, on warrants for fictitious plates, failure to display, suspension and traffic device violation, misdemeanors.

Jason Alexander Skwierc, age 43, 8283 Russell Street, Shelby Twp., MI, on a warrant for speed, a misdemeanor.

There are currently 22 female inmates and 97 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.