On 16 June 18 Deputy Jones began an investigation into an identity theft regarding an invoice from Verizon.  This case remains under investigation.

The following speeding tickets were issued:

Luis A. Melendez, 127 Courage Loop, Fort Stewart, GA, 95/70 mph zone
Sabrina L. Brown, 315 Summit Avenue, Apt. C9, Canonsburg, PA, 86/70 mph zone
Robert J. Weary, 2123 Priscilla Avenue, NW, Massillon, OH, 89/70 mph zone
James West, 307 Barnes Street, Pittsburgh, PA, 86/70 mph zone
Megan N. Rexroad, 136 Oak Drive, Little Hocking, OH, 62/50 mph zone
Tiffany McGirr, 1804 Twin Bridge Road, Little Hocking, OH, 63/50 mph zone
Francis Looney, 67 Brentwood Drive, Washington, WV, 63/50 mph zone

On 20 Jun 18 Deputy H Tornes requested Marietta Municipal Court issue summons to the following individuals for failure to register their dog(s):

Kaleigh Hatfield, 805 Talbot Street, Belpre, OH
Robert Johnson, 1426 Barth Road, Belpre, OH
Malcolm Barber, 709 Pomeroy Pike, Belpre, OH
Timothy Staats, 1602 Dugan Road, Belpre, OH
James Rhodes, 425 County House Lane, Marietta, OH
Wendy Leasure, 16 Calder Ridge Road, Belpre, OH

All subjects had been given time to get their registration up to date, however failed to do so.

On 21 Jun 18 Sgt. Holbert began an investigation into a possible domestic violence incident.  In speaking with all parties this was determined to be unfounded.

The following warrants were processed at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office:

Shandi Hamrick, 721 Ohio Avenue, Belpre, OH, APA Probation Violation.

Deane Beck, 111 W Montgomery Street, #10, Marietta, OH, APA Probation Violation.

Devan Welsh, 27375 SR 7, Marietta, OH, no fishing license.

Timothy Snyder, 3543 Tick Ridge Road, Vincent, OH, failure to appear, original charge drug paraphernalia.

Kaitlin Owen, 141 Seegle Road, Oneonta, AL, failure to appear, original charge OVI.

Nelson Lewis, 715 Cisler Lane, Marietta, OH, failure to appear, original charge aggravated menacing.

Kyle Herwald, 11 Lexington Park Drive, Vienna, WV, failure to appear, original charge driving under suspension.

Susan Sams, 504 West Street, Belpre, OH, theft.

Kyle Rice, 506 Riverside Drive, St. Mary’s, WV, probation violation, original charge underage consumption.

Marcus Boothby, 144 Washington Street, Waterford, OH, probation violation, original charge criminal damaging

Tyler J. Boothby, 144 Washington Street, Waterford, OH, possession of drug abuse instruments.

Andrea Sees, 1210 Laird Avenue, Parkers burg, WV, probation violation, original charge theft.

Nelson Lewis, 715 Cisler Drive, Marietta, OH, failure to appear, original charge breach of recognizance.

Ices Brown, Parkersburg, WV, probation violation, original charge theft.

The following subjects were processed into the Washington County Jail between  Thursday 21 Jun 18 and Friday 22 Jun 18:

Shannon Lee Scholderer, age 42, 38221 Zuspan Hollow Road, Middleport, OH, parole violation, a felony.

Ashley Victoria Wood, age 32, 94 Maynard Drive, Little Hocking, OH, fugitive from justice, a felony.

Anibal Junior Nieves, Jr., age 25, 12018 Irwin Avenue, Cleveland, OH, possession of criminal tools, possession of drugs, possession of marijuana, trafficking in drugs, felonies, and drug paraphernalia, misdemeanor.

Joseph Scott Antill, age 41, 877 Dodd Run Road, Marietta, OH, disorderly conduct and theft, misdemeanors.

Bryana Michel Sabatino, age 32, homeless, disorderly conduct, 2 counts, misdemeanors.

There are currently 23 female inmates and 98 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.