On 17 Jun 18 Deputies Carr and Hall responded to 1291 McNeal Road, Waterford, reference to a possible domestic violence situation.  Ada Donahue states when Corey Smith came home he was intoxicated and the two began to argue.  Donahue states Smith squared up to her in an aggressive manner, so she locked herself in a room and Smith left the residence.  Donahue states she then called for help for fear when he returned the altercation would continue.  Deputies located a vehicle matching Smith’s and a traffic stop was conducted.  Smith’s eyes were glassy, he was swaying while talking to Deputies and he had an odor of an intoxicating beverage on/or about his person.  Smith advised when he returned home he did argue with Donahue.  Smith states he had no physical contact with Donahue.  Smith consented to field sobriety tests, which he performed poorly on.  Corey Lee Smith, age 29, 1291 McNeal Road, Waterford, Ohio was placed under arrest for OVI and domestic violence and transported to the Washington County Jail.  Smith submitted to a BAC test and tested .181% G /210L of breath.

On 18 Jun 18 Deputy Allender met with Jacob W. Walker, 27400 State Route 7, Marietta, Ohio, in reference to his home being entered and item(s) removed.  This case remains under investigation.

On 19 Jun 18 Deputy Brown received a warrant from the Magistrate Court of Wood County , WV, for the arrest of Eric Lee Harmon Jr., a current inmate at the Washington County Jail.  Booking information provided by Harmon during his booking process was checked with the warrant information finding them to match.  A copy of the warrant was provided to Harmon.  Charges of fugitive from justice were filed on Eric Lee Harmon Jr., age 29, 1204 Hocking Road, Belpre, Ohio.

On 19 Jun 18 Deputy Allender began an investigation into an assault complaint in Salem Township.  After speaking with all parties it was determined to be unfounded.

On 19 Jun 18 Deputy Brown was advised of an assault at the Washington County Jail.   After conducting the investigation on the assault Deputy Brown charged Brandon Lee Kennedy, age 30, 668 Hill Road, Cutler, Ohio, with assault and retaliation.

On 21 Jun 18 Lt. Hunter and Sgt. Holbert responded to 460 Barrett South Road, Vincent, Ohio, to an incident of domestic violence.  Stephen Morris reported being out all night and upon returning home an argument ensued with his live in girlfriend   Morris reports being punched several times in the face by Carolyn Marie Spencer, age 31, same address.  Deputies spoke with Spencer and she was eventually placed under arrest for domestic violence and transported to the Washington County Jail.  Morris refused to cooperate after the arrest and refused a protection order.

The following subjects were processed into the Washington County Jail between  Wednesday 20 Jun 18 and Thursday 21 Jun 18:

Derek Douglas Oldfield, age 32, 713 9th Street, Marietta, Ohio, escape and probation violation, misdemeanors.

Brandon Lee Gibbs, age 25, 827 Ridge Street, Marietta, Ohio, theft, felony.

Carla Jean Baxter, age 58, on a warrant for contempt of court, felony.

Roberta Jean De La Cruz, age 36, 8490 Dalzell Road, Lower Salem, Ohio, failure to register a dog, misdemeanor.

Andrea Noel Fry, age 26, 106 Washington Street, Marietta, Ohio, possession of drugs, assault on a peace officer, felonies, endangering children and possession of drug instruments, misdemeanors.

Nicole Dawn Offenberger, age 24, 713 Ninth Street, Marietta, Ohio, probation violation, misdemeanor.

Eric Shawn Valentine, age 47, 1005 Cornerville Road, Marietta, Ohio, on warrants for 2 counts of failure to appear, misdemeanors.

Lisa Marie Morgan, age 47, 407 Maple Street, Marietta, Ohio, warrant for no operator’s license, misdemeanor.

Carolyn Marie Spencer, age 31, 460 Barrett South Road, Vincent, Ohio, domestic violence, misdemeanor.

Mark Christopher Haynes, age 32, 2100 Hill Street, Apt. G, Belpre, Ohio, 3 counts drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, and theft, misdemeanors.

There are currently 30 female inmates and 94 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.