On 17 May 18 a dog belonging to Jessie Jirles, 620 9th Street, Marietta, Ohio,  once again was in the backyard of the residence without any form of restraint and jumped the fence, entering onto a neighbor’s property.  A juvenile was outside playing and had to climb the swing set to get away from the dog. Sgt. McGilton requested a summons be  issued to Jessie Jirles, age  20, 620 9th Street, Marietta, Ohio, for failing to restrain a dog.   The dog belongings to Jirles had previously been loose and onto neighbor’s property.

On 18 May 18 Sgt. McGilton responded to 3635 Archers Fork Road in reference to a complaint of an emaciated goat on this property.  Sgt. McGilton observed a goat inside a small fenced area that appeared severely emaciated.  Sgt. McGilton approached the area and observed a five gallon bucket of yellow/brown water in the area.  The goat had extremely long hooves curled up and sores on its legs with missing hair.  Several empty feed bags were observed, however none that contained any feed.  A notice was posted advising of a hearing later in the month, since no one was home at the time.  The goat was seized and transported to a veterinarian to be assessed.  The goat scored  1.5 of 5 on the body condition scale, advising the goat was severely emaciated with decreased muscle.  The owner, Tammy Cobb, contacted Sgt. McGilton on 18 May 18 to report a goat taken from her.   After completing the interviews and investigation the goat was surrendered by the owner(s).  A summons is being requested for Tammy K. Cobb, age 55, 3635 Archers Fork Road, New Matamoras, Ohio for animal cruelty.

The following warrants were processed at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office:

Daniel L. Francis, 121 Apt. D, State Route 550, Bartlett, Ohio, for possession of drug instruments.

Jason D. Gore, P.O. Box 311, New Matamoras, Ohio, for maintenance violation.

Corey L. Morrison, 1160 Hadley Hollow Road, Marietta, Ohio, for failure to appear. Original charge was furnishing false information to officer issuing traffic ticket.

Celoria P. Simpson, 325 Sandhill Road, Marietta, Ohio, for failure to appear. Original charge was interference with custody.

The following subjects were processed into the Washington County Jail between Friday 18 May 18 and Monday 21 May 18:

Dominic William Mincks, age 19, 320 N. Eighth Street, Cambridge, Ohio, on warrants for probation violation and failure to appear, both misdemeanors.

Cameron Lewis Bell, age 24, 5220 Stonebridge Court, Solon, Ohio, on a warrant for possession of drugs, a felony.

James Miller Johnson, age 29, 752 Weadock Street, Lima, Ohio, on a warrant for obstructing official business, a misdemeanor.

George Edward Mcatee, Jr., age 43, 225 ½ Sheldon Avenue, Marietta, Ohio, for domestic violence, a misdemeanor.

Marcus Gregory Boothby, age 23, 144 Washington Street, Waterford, Ohio, on two warrants for breach of recognizance, illegal use of drug paraphernalia, domestic violence, driving under OVI suspension and 2 counts possessing drug abuse instruments, all misdemeanors.

Charley Samuel Whealdon, age 74, 5045 Veto Road, Vincent, Ohio, for two counts of domestic violence, both misdemeanors.

Ronald Howard Husk, age 19, 285 Wilcoxen Road, Marietta, Ohio, for probation violation, a misdemeanor, and theft without consent, a felony.

Hunter Dayne Brandt, age 23, 585 Browns Road, Marietta, Ohio, on warrants for probation violation and assault, all misdemeanors.

John Aaron Givens, age 37, 100 Linwood Avenue, Apt. B, Marietta, Ohio, on warrants for aggravated menacing and criminal damaging, both misdemeanors.

Brandon Lee Hoffert, age 33, 213 Elm Street, Marietta, Ohio, on warrants for driving under OVI suspension, domestic violence and expired plates, all misdemeanors.

Tabitha Dawn Cain, age 38, Main Street, PO Box 83, Lowell, Ohio, for theft, a misdemeanor.

Andrea Noel Fry, age 26, 106 Washington Street, Marietta, Ohio, for theft, a misdemeanor.

Joshua Steven Beckett, age 26, 1421 Lancaster Street, Apt. 103L, Marietta, Ohio, for domestic violence and aggravated menacing, both misdemeanors.

Joshua Leroy Gore, age 30, 130 Cemetery Drive, New Matamoras, Ohio, for disorderly conduct by intoxication, a misdemeanor.

Scott Lee Carpenter, age 55, 413 Third Street, Marietta, Ohio, for disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

Zachery Jacob Brady, age 24, 7979 Oakdale Street, Massillon, Ohio, on a warrant for driving under OVI suspension, a misdemeanor.

There are currently 29 female inmates and 104 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.