Scam: Anthony Combs and AMC


Anthony Combs and his company, AMC, would give bids of roof repairs or replace a roof for a resident. Combs would sometimes have materials delivered but first asking his customers for an upfront check to cover the costs of materials. Combs did complete some jobs but some were either partially completed or did not complete at all. The AMC company was legitimate with a storefront in Belpre; however, he was simply scamming customers out of money for a service he did not produce. Combs and his AMC company were referred to as “storm chasers” as they would move to a certain geographic location based on recent suffering from a disastrous storm causing heavy damage to houses in the area. Combs pleaded guilty on December 8, 2017 to engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, theft from an elderly person, grand theft, and attempted telecommunications fraud, felonies.