On 7 May 18 Sgt. Reeder began an investigation in Watertown Township in reference to a domestic violence incident.  In speaking with all parties it was determined to be unfounded.

On 8 May 18 Deputy Allender was made aware of an active warrant through Wood County, WV, for Richard Carl Flood, 204 Ferry Street, Beverly, in reference to a violation of a protection order.  Contact was made with Flood at the above address and he was placed under arrest on the warrant and charged with fugitive from justice.

On 8 May 18 Sgt. Parks met with Angela Davis in reference Donald Buchanan.  Davis stated she and Buchanan previously resided together.  Buchanan was unaware of the new residence location of Davis and after an evening out she returned home with Buchanan coming up to the door behind her, shoving her into the residence.    Davis was unable to leave the residence as Buchanan continued to block her exit, as well as not allowing her to use a telephone.  Donald Todd Buchanan, age 42, 6430 SR 821, Whipple, Ohio, for aggravated burglary, abduction, both felonies, and domestic violence, a misdemeanor.

On 9 May 18 Sgt. McGilton responded to 4617 Barnett Ridge Road, Fleming, Ohio, to the Courtney D. Anderson residence.  Anderson was not home upon Sgt. McGilton arriving. Contact was made later with Anderson about the dog and registering the dog(s).  A summons will be requested through Marietta Municipal Court for failing to register the dogs.

On 8 May 18 Sgt. McGilton received notice of a dog running loose along Sealy Ridge Road, being the dog belonging to Andy Ray Lance, age 30, 2196 Sealy Ridge Road, Vincent, Ohio.  On/or around 17 Apr 18 Sgt. McGilton responded to Lance’s residence in reference to a complaint of Lance’s dogs running loose.  A message was left for Lance to contact the Sheriff’s Office.  A summons is being requested for Lance for failure to confine, 2 counts, and failing to register the dogs.

The following subjects were recently sentenced in Washington County Common Pleas Court:

Shawn Lee Wittekind, age 40, 233 Broughton Avenue, Marietta, Ohio, 180 days County Jail, illegal assembly/possession of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs, F1.

Nicole Marie Kurtz, age 33, 30 months, Marysville, theft from an elderly subject, F2.

Barbara Ann Giuliano, age 54, 18 months, Marysville, theft from an elderly subject, F3.

Eric Dean Barth, age 21, 401 ½ Marion Street, Marietta, Ohio, 80 days County Jail/STAR, unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, F4.

Charles Everett Murray, age 27, 6970 Goshen Road, Goshen, Ohio, 12 months Orient, probation violation.

The following subjects were processed into the Washington County Jail Wednesday 9 May 18 and Thursday 10 May 18:

James Tyler Morgan, age 24, homeless, probation violation, misdemeanor.

Justin Ryan Hupp, age 38, 1415 Lancaster Street, Marietta, Ohio, contempt of court, misdemeanor.

Kevin Emery Holter, age 34, 8115 Federal Road, Cutler, Ohio, using weapons while intoxicated and having physical control of vehicle while under the influence, misdemeanors.

Aaron Matthew Hess, age 39, 829 Ridge Street, Marietta, Ohio, for probation violation, and possession of drugs, felonies.

There are currently 26 female inmates and 95 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.