On 14 Apr 18 Sgt. McGilton was called to the area of 2450 Pleasant Ridge Road, Marietta Township.  A cyclist traveling along the road when a brindle Boxer dog charged onto the roadway towards the cyclist causing the cyclist to wreck into some barb wired fencing along the roadway.  The cyclist obtained several lacerations on their arms, legs and midsection from the wreck and their clothing was also torn.   The dog belongs to Janet Barton, 2450 Pleasant Ridge Road, Marietta, OH.  Janet stated the dog was outside unrestrained and she was just getting ready to call it back inside the residence when the incident happened.  Janet advised she will restrain her dog by leash from this point on.  Janet was advised she would be charged for failing to restrain her dog.

On 18 Apr 18 Deputy Parks was dispatched to 27250 State Route 7, Marietta Township, where Angela Muncy reported Amanda Payne came at her with a pipe.  Muncy reports staying at the above address with Payne and Joseph M. Porter since 15 Apr 18.  Muncy states the three had been arguing on and off since she arrived and today Payne pulled a pipe from the bed, and came at her.  Muncy states she then pulled a knife from her purse, at which time Porter got in between them.   Porter gave the same account of the incident that occurred, as did Payne.    A summons for disorderly conduct will be requested through Marietta Municipal Court for Joseph Michael Porter, age 21, and Amanda M. Payne, age 36, and Angela Michele Muncy, 1040 Legacy Lane, Pataskala, OH.

On 18 Apr 18 Deputies responded to 1814 Elizabeth Street, Belpre, to a domestic incident.   Deputies spoke with all parties involved at which time Heather Lynn Sinnett, age 34, was placed under arrest on a charge of domestic violence against Eric Sinnett.  (507)

The following warrants were processed at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office:

Eddie L. Wise, 11271 Hebron Road, St. Marys, WV, for contempt of court.

The following subjects were processed into the Washington County Jail between Thursday 19 Apr 18 and Friday 20 Apr 18:

Jamie Ray Thompson, age 37, 2722 Mead Street, Belpre, Ohio, on a warrant for probation violation, a felony.

Brad Barrett Orso, age 32, 54 Robert Street, Apt. 3, Attleboro, MA for possession of drugs, a misdemeanor.

Michael Wayne Leadmon, age 21, 232 Miracle Lane, Parkersburg, WV, for probation violation, a misdemeanor.

Freddy Dale Taylor, Jr., age 46, 729 Ninth Street, Marietta, Ohio, on warrants for contempt of court, possession of drugs and illegal conveyance of drugs in a detention facility, all felonies.

Randall Dale Valentine, age 64, 305 Harmar Street, Marietta, Ohio, for domestic violence, a misdemeanor.

Chris William Shackelford, age 18, homeless, for receiving stolen property,  a felony, contributing to the unruliness/delinquency of a child, receiving stolen property and obstructing official business, all  misdemeanors.

Michael William Martin, age 23, 1201 Wyatt Lane, Belpre, Ohio, on a warrant for theft, a misdemeanor.

Christina Dawn Ward, age 42, 1308 Williamson Avenue, New Matamoras, Ohio, address unknown, for disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

There are currently 26 female inmates and 107 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.