On 12 Apr 18 Ashley  Moore, 111 W. Montgomery Street, Lot 10, Marietta, was in the Sandhill Road area with her Pitbull.  Moore exited the residence without a restraint for the dog.  A subject was walking their dog on the opposite side of Sandhill Road at which time Moore’s dog ran across Sandhill Road and approached the subject, attacking the dog, causing injury.  Previously the Pit Bull, belonging to Dean Beck and Ashley Moore, was designated as dangerous from an incident in March.  On 19 Mar 18 a Reno resident was walking their German Sheppard dog along Brant Drive,  when Moore’s dog got loose from a residence they were visiting on Sandhill Road and attacked the German Sheppard dog.  The owner of the German Sheppard dog was bit on the hand during the attack causing injury.  Beck and Moore were supplied with all necessary paperwork and direction to comply with this dangerous dog designation.   A summons is being requested for Moore for failure to restrain her dog.  (805)

On 12 Apr 18 Sgt. Holbert and Deputy Schwendeman responded to 150 Camelot
Drive, Belpre in reference to reports of a disturbance between two male residents.  Deputies met with the neighbors and other witnesses and determined an argument occurred between Charles Kerns and Matthew Trezza, in which both parties were observed yelling at and shoving each other outside. Both individuals admitted to their involvement in the incident.  A summons is being requested through Marietta Municipal Court on a charge of disorderly conduct for Charles W. Kerns, age 58, 150 Camelot Drive, Lot 3, Belpre, and Matthew Jacob Trezza, age 22, 150 Camelot Drive, Lot 31, Belpre, Ohio.

On 14 Apr 18 Christina M. Bailey, 3840 Patten Mills Road, Stockport, Ohio, reported her home entered and items removed.  This case remains under investigation.  (415)

On 14 Apr 18 Deputy Metts began an investigation into a scam involving money transfers to Nigeria.  This case remains under investigation.

On 15 Apr 18 Deputy Parks was dispatched to 329 Main Street, Lower Salem, to meet with Kyle Sparks who had been arguing with his girlfriend.  After speaking with all parties involved it was determined to place Kyle Leon Sparks, age 29, under arrest for disorderly conduct and transport him to the Washington County Jail for processing.

On 15 Apr 18 Deputy Parks was dispatched to 90 Stanley Street, Newport, Ohio, in reference to Tiffany Bookman, screaming inside the residence.   Deputy Parks arrived to meet with Bookman and Aaron Robinson.  Robinson fled the area upon Deputy Parks arriving, and was unable to be located after a search of the immediate area.  Bookman reports the incidents of the day between her and Robinson.  Deputy Parks requested a warrant for the arrest of Aaron Ryan Robinson, age 23, 90 Stanley Street, Newport, Ohio, on a charge of domestic violence and abduction, both felonies.  The warrant was issued by Marietta Municipal Court and on 17 Apr 18 Sgt. Johnson arrested Robinson at his residence and transported him to the Washington County Jail.

The following subjects were processed into the Washington County Jail Monday 16 Apr 18 and Tuesday 17 Apr 18:

Jennifer Dawn Science, age 45, 127 SR 821, Marietta, Ohio, for probation violation, a felony.

Timothy Wayne Snyder, age 37, 3543 Tick Ridge Road, Vincent, Ohio, for drug paraphernalia and suspension, both misdemeanors.

Edward Eugene Murphy Jr., age 37, 204 Brandy Drive, Marietta, Ohio, tampering with evidence, trafficking in drugs, both felonies, endangering children and probation violation, both misdemeanors.

Aaron Ryan Robinson, age 23, 90 Stanley Street, Newport, Ohio, for abduction and domestic violence, both felonies, and probation violation, a misdemeanor.

James Edward Arnold, age 43, 66 Hill Avenue, Parkersburg, WV, for probation violation, a misdemeanor.

There are currently 27 female inmates and 105 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.