Canine found in deplorable conditions


On 11 Apr 18 Sgt. K. McGilton and Deputy H. Tornes were dispatched to 10 Hill St., Salem Township, Washington County, OH in reference to a dog possibly abandoned inside the residence.  Contact was made with the homeowner who advised he had rented this property to Alexis Moore.  Deane advised he had not heard from Alexis for a few months and gave Deputies consent to enter the residence.

Deputies gained entry through the doorway of the residence with the horrid odor of animal feces and urine, making it hard to breathe.  There were bags of garbage on the floor that had been torn apart. The rooms were covered in feces, garbage, and miscellaneous items.  A black dog was located sitting on a dining room table. The dog’s ribs and backbone were visible and protruding. Deputies observed a large scar on the dog’s back that ran almost the full length of the dog’s body. The dog was extremely hesitant to approach and appeared to lack human contact.  Piles of dirty cat litter inside the kitchen lead Deputies to believe there was a cat inside the residence as well.   Deputies found a deceased black and white cat in the home.

Another room on the first floor of this residence, which was secured by a board latched across the center, had a hole chewed through the plywood patch, possibly where the dog had been kept at one time and escaped.

The dog was taken to a veterinary clinic where it was assessed.  The skin on the dog peaked when pulled, which was a sign of dehydration. The dog was given water and drank rapidly.  The dog was listed as having decreased body fat and ate “ferociously.”  The veterinarian advised the scar on the dogs back would be consistent with an injury caused from climbing through that hole of the door to escape.

Contact was made with Alexis Moore in reference to this situation.  Alexis stated she was in the process of moving and knew the residence was a wreck.  Alexis stated where she is currently residing does not allow pets so she was trying to find a home for the dog.  Alexis stated she had been going back to that residence daily to tend to the dog.

Alexis was questioned about the deceased cat and she first stated she did not own a cat, but then admitted she had a cat two years ago, but had not had one since and denied owning a longhaired black and white cat.

Alexis was questioned further about the care of the animals and she stated the longest she would leave the dog inside the residence without care would be over a weekend.  Alexis admitted she had the dog locked inside the back room of the residence, which had been secured with a board.

Deputy H. Tornes requests a summons be issued to Alexis Moore, age 32, 7375 Dalzell Road, Whipple, Ohio, for two counts of animal cruelty and one count of failing to register her dog.