On 30 Mar 18 Deputy H. Tornes responded to Dunham Township regarding Angel Granger reporting her white Pomeranian was killed by Mickie Neihart’s Pitbull.  Angel’s dog was on her property at the time of the incident and Mickie’s dog was running loose. Contact was made with Mickie who stated it sounded like something his dog would do. Mickie’s dog also was not registered. Deputy H. Tornes requested a summons be issued to Mickie Neihart, age 35, 2196 Sealy Ridge Road, for failing to register and failing to restrain his dog through Marietta Municipal Court. Mickie’s dog was designated dangerous.

On 2 Apr 18 Lt. Hunter completed a traffic crash report in Grandview Township where Devon A. Leasure, 515 Scotts Ridge Road, Whipple, failed to yield the right of way when turning left and struck Mitchell R. Wright, 12135 County Road 9, Newport, causing moderate damage to both vehicles.

On 3 Apr 18 Tony Robinson, Blind Road, Stockport, reported a license plate missing from a vehicle.  This case remains under investigation.  (612)

On 3 Apr 18 Deputy Carr along with the Reno Volunteer Fire Department responded to the scene of an unresponsive male.

On 4 Apr 18 Deputy Johnson responded to the Randy Beardsley residence, 431 Silver Globe Road, Marietta, to a reported disturbance.   Deputy Johnson met with Jonathan McAtee who stated he was at Beardsley’s residence to discuss some sort of problem that Beardsley has with him.  McAtee went to the Beardsley home after work, at approximately 5:30 am.  McAtee knocked at the door and was briefly talking to Beardsley.  Beardsley stated he was at a residence the night prior and a note was left on his vehicle, and he believed it was McAtee that left it.  Beardsley stated he then composed a Facebook message to McAtee telling him to back off.  Beardsley went on to state this morning he was asleep and was awakened by McAtee beating on his door, in which Beardsley advised McAtee to leave or he would call law enforcement, which he did.  A summons is being requested for Jonathan McAtee, age 58, 115 Veto Circle, Belpre, Ohio, for disorderly conduct.

The following warrants were processed at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office:

Timothee L. Singer, 11827 SR 555, Cutler, Ohio, for probation violation. Original charge was burglary.

Justin C. Sherman, 3224 Hilock Court, Columbus, Ohio, for probation violation. Original charge was robbery.

Jeremy A. Stone, 1820 Braun Road, Belpre, Ohio, for probation violation. Original charge was OVI.

The following subjects were processed into the Washington County Jail between Wednesday 4 Apr 18 and Thursday 5 Apr 18:

Ryan Cayce Beardsley, age 24, 104 Wood Street, Marietta, Ohio, for drug paraphernalia and failure to yield at a stop or yield sign, both misdemeanors.

Jesse Daniel Barton, age 34, 407 Maple Street, Marietta, Ohio, for domestic violence, a misdemeanor.

Christopher Lee Raper, age 47, 33209 Big Lick Road, New Matamoras, Ohio, on a warrant for contempt, a misdemeanor.

Nathan Lee Steele, age 32, 505 Wynncrest Drive, Marietta, Ohio, for domestic violence, a misdemeanor.

There are currently 25 female inmates and 107 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.