On 28 Feb 18 Lt. Hunter began an investigation in reference to a fraudulent $50 bill being passed at Par Mar in Barlow.  This case remains under investigation.

On 1 Mar 18 Kimberly Bechak, 8045 SR 555, Cutler, Ohio, reported her son, Cody Galloway, becoming physical with her during an argument.  Bechak stated Galloway began to argue with her and when she said told him she was calling the cops, to have him removed from the residence, he took her phone.  Galloway grabbed Bechak by the arms, forcing them behind her back.  A witness to the incident told Galloway to “take his hands off of his mother.”  Galloway then left the residence before law enforcement arrived.  Deputy Jones located Galloway walking on State Route 555.  Cody Allen Galloway, age 20, was placed under arrest for domestic violence and transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.

On 1 Mar 18 Deputy Zide observed a passenger car bearing OH registration fail to yield to oncoming traffic, which had the right-of-way, in Marietta Township. A traffic stop was conducted and contact with the driver, a juvenile, and occupants of the vehicle.  A K9 sniff was conducted on the vehicle in which K9 Rita gave a positive indication.  A small container with marijuana was located.  The subject will be summoned into the Washington County Juvenile Court on a charge of possession of marijuana.

The following subjects were recently sentenced in Washington County Common Pleas Court:

Christopher Lee Baughman, age 25, 174 Oil Springs Road, Petroleum, West Virginia, failure to comply, a misdemeanor; 90 days County Jail.

Brian Cadillac Barnett, age 29, 1007 Florence Street, Belpre, Ohio, for possession of criminal tools, a misdemeanor; 30 days County Jail.

Matthew Lester Jones, age 33, 806 Front Street, Marietta, Ohio, for breaking and entering, a felony of the 5th degree; 180 days County Jail.

Bradley David Flesher, age 22, 629 Briggs Hill Road, Belpre, Ohio, for possession of drugs, a felony of the 5th degree; 30 days County Jail.

Tracy Elizabeth Lamp, age 41, 146 Franklin Street, Marietta, Ohio, for possession of drugs, a felony of the 5th degree; 30 days County Jail.

Scott Everett Collins, age 33, 3180 Tieber Road, Stockport, Ohio, for burglary; 120 days County Jail.

The following subjects were processed into the Washington County Jail between Monday 5 Mar 18 and Tuesday 6 Mar 18:

Hope Jasmine Thomas, age 27, 192 N Cemetery Road, Cutler, Ohio, for misuse of credit card and theft, both felonies.

Preston Vern Archie, age 26, 171 Millbranch Road, Belpre, Ohio, for domestic violence, a felony.

Ashley Marie Holdren, age 27, 50755 State Route 248, Long Bottom, Ohio, for forgery, a felony.

Wayne Hazen Hunter, age 50, 406 Sixth Street, Marietta, Ohio, for theft, a felony.

Darnell Lewis Davis, age 25, 534 Madison Avenue, Akron, Ohio, for speeding, operating a motor vehicle without a valid license, and driving under suspension, all felonies.

Misty Gail Sealey, age 39, 2100 Hill Street Apartment F, Belpre, Ohio, for probation violation.

Ethan Wade Ash, age 30, 1365 Gilman Avenue, Marietta, Ohio, for probation violation, a misdemeanor.

Shawn Anthony Miller, age 33, 204 W Spring Street Apartment 1, Marietta, Ohio, for driving under suspension, improper lane usage, and contempt (failure to appear), all misdemeanors.

Patricia Jane Bailey, age 34, 204 West Spring Street, Apartment 1, Marietta, Ohio, for driving under suspension and fictitious plates.

Carl Dennis Robison, age 24, 235 Johnson Road, Marietta, Ohio, for probation violation, a felony.

Joseph Stephen Hutson, age 18, 609 Charles Street, Parkersburg, West Virginia, a fugitive from justice.

There are currently 29 female inmates and 103 male inmates being housed in the Washington County Jail.