On 25 Feb 18 Deputy Schwendeman responded to Dollar General, Barlow, Ohio, to a report of a subject shoplifting a bottle of perfume.  This case remains under investigation.

On 25 Feb 18 Justin Hines was brought to the Washington County Jail on a charge of obstructing official business and probation violation.  Hines was asked by Corrections Staff if he had anything illegal in his possession.  Hines advised he did not and during the pat down a small bag with a green leafy substance was found concealed in his waistband.  Hines reportedly did not know he still had the “weed” on him.  Charges of illegal conveyance of drugs onto the grounds of a detention facility were filed on Justin Brian Hines, age 21, homeless, by Deputy Martin.

On 26 Feb 18 Deputies along with the Warren Volunteer Fire Department Squad responded to an unresponsive male subject.  This case remains under investigation.

On 26 Feb 18 Deputy A. McConnell began an investigation regarding a forged signature.  This case remains under investigation.

On 26 Feb 18 Deputies along with the Reno Volunteer Fire Department Squad responded to an unresponsive subject. This case remains under investigation.  (415)

The following subjects were recently sentenced in Washington County Common Pleas Court:

Miranda Marie Casteel, age 31, 8248 SR 239, Stewart, Ohio, contempt of court; 30 days County Jail.

Felicia Christine Jackson, age 36, 100 Simpson Street, Marietta, Ohio, probation violation, complicity to aggravated burglary and robbery; 120 days County Jail.

Jennifer Lynn Goff, age 27, 3545 Plymouth Springmill Road, Shelby, Ohio, theft, 5th degree felony; 90 days and STAR after 45 days served.

Brian Russell Mincks, age 37, 750 Ruble Avenue, Belpre, Ohio, possession of drugs and probation violation; 24 months and 30 months; concurrent, Orient.

Matthew Gene Schafer, age 39, 445 Dodds Run Road, Marietta, Ohio, having weapons while under disability, domestic violence and probation violation, 41 days County Jail

Jason Ray Wriston, age 41, 11555 State Route 821, Lower Salem, Ohio, breaking and entering, 5th degree felony; 30 days County Jail.

Charles Edward Haught III, age 34, 219 Harmar Street, Marietta, Ohio, possession of drugs, 5th degree felony; 6 months jail consecutive with current sentence.

David Charles Phares II, age 45, 384 Spruce Run Road, Glenville, WV, passing bad checks, 5th degree felony; 15 Days County Jail

The following subjects were processed into the Washington County Jail between Tuesday 20 Feb 18 and Monday 26 Feb 18:

Fawn Renee Miller, age 40, 126 Euclid Place, Marietta, Ohio, on a warrant for 2 counts driving under suspension, improper lane usage, and contempt of court, all misdemeanors.

Jason Lee Hart, age 35, 709 Thomas Lane, Belpre, Ohio, on a warrant for contempt of court.

 Matthew William Prebeg, age 35, 3895 Vintage Circle, Myrtle Beach, SC, domestic violence, a misdemeanor.

Decoda Zane Keys, age 23, 21 Stoney Run Road, Beverly, Ohio, using weapons while intoxicated, a misdemeanor.

Justin Tyler Gibbs, age 26, 515 Smith Street, Marietta, Ohio, on a warrant for driving while under the influence of alcohol, driving under suspension and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, all misdemeanors.

Zachary NMN Barnett, age 31, 865 Dodd Run Road, Marietta, Ohio, theft, and drug paraphernalia, both misdemeanors.

Brandon Keith Ray, age 30, 8570 State Route 37, Malta, Ohio, probation violation, a felony.

Juan Manuel Salazar, age 21, 122 Tennis Center Drive, Apt. 1, Marietta, Ohio, domestic violence, a felony.

Courtney Sue McMillan, age 28, 8460 Waterford Road, Waterford, Ohio, on warrants for driving under suspension, possession of marijuana, driving while under the influence of alcohol, no operator’s license, using of electronic wireless communication, all misdemeanors, tampering with evidence, 2 counts possession of drugs, felonies.

Marcus Maurice Kimbrough, age 29, 103 Woodcrest Lane, Marietta, Ohio, on a warrant for contempt of court, a misdemeanor.

Cody Tyler Wiesman, age 23, 307 Barnett Ridge Road, Belpre, Ohio, having physical control of vehicle.

Heather Lynn Reynolds, age 30, Belpre, Ohio, disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

Ryan Eugene Paxton, age 31, 171 Sand Ridge Road, Waterford, Ohio, driving while under the influence of alcohol, a misdemeanor.

Robin Jerome Richards, age 30, 29385 E. Belpre Pike Road, Coolville, Ohio, on a warrant for contempt, failure to appear, a misdemeanor.

Roger Lee Ward, Jr., age 39, 1225 Weppler Road, Lowell, Ohio, parole violation, 2 counts, both felonies.

Justin Brian Hines, age 21, homeless, for probation violation, obstructing official business, both misdemeanors, and illegal conveyance into a detention facility, a felony.

Jason Lee Bartimus, age 42, 2346 Sealy Ridge Road, Vincent, Ohio, on a warrant for theft, a misdemeanor.

There are currently 26 females and 91 males being held in the Washington County Jail.