3 Arrested in Marietta Township for Drug Violations

On 26 Jan 18 at approximately 1935 hours Deputy McKee observed a male subject running across State Route 7, Marietta Township, at the Hensler’s Market business.   The area was dimly lit and the male ran out from a dark area across the street in dark clothing with a hood up, looking back at the Sheriffs’ marked patrol vehicle as it was approaching him.  In the parking lot, a Honda vehicle with two occupants was parked near the road.   The occupants were identified as Jamie Barton and William Eckert III, and the subject observed running across the road was Jason Wolfe.  In speaking with Barton and Eckert, Deputy McKee learned they were picking Wolfe up and giving him a ride.
A check was completed through dispatch and an active arrest warrant was on file for Wolfe.   A search was done of Wolfe’s person at which time he admitted to having two syringes in his right front pants pocket, which were recovered.
Barton was asked if a search could be completed of the vehicle, which she consented to.  While searching a purse on the front passenger side floor board, two baggies each containing a rock like crystal substance were located.  A narcotics field test resulted in a positive indication for methamphetamine. Also in this purse were four tablets imprinted with “M365”, found to be hydrocodone.  Barton advised the purse and all contents were hers except for the methamphetamine. Barton further stated the hydrocodone tablets were hers and referred to them as Vicodin, stating she does have a prescription for the Vicodin, even though they were loose in a wallet when located.
Deputy Jones spoke with Eckert who provided a pink plastic baggie taken from his pocket, containing four tablets, which were also identified as hydrocodone.  Eckert stated he did not have a prescription for the tablets.
William Eckert III, age 40, 812 Moore Avenue, Belpre, Ohio, was placed under arrest for possession of drugs, a 5th degree felony.
Jamie A. Barton, age 40, 65 Oregon Drive, Parkersburg, WV, was placed under arrest for possession of methamphetamine, a 5th degree felony.
Jason Wolfe, age 32, 2366 Briggs Hill Road, Belpre, Ohio, was placed under arrest for possession of drug abuse instruments, a 2nd degree misdemeanor.
All subjects were transported to the Washington County Jail where they remained until their initial appearance in Marietta Municipal Court on 29 Jan 18.