On 12 Jan 18, Sgt. McGilton responded to Barlow Township in reference to a complaint of cruelty to a companion animal. The complainant stated a dog was tied outside this residence without food or water and was emaciated. Upon arrival, Sgt. McGilton observed a black, white and brown dog tied outside. This dog was in a dog house with no bedding in extreme weather conditions with temperatures below freezing. This dog exited the doghouse and Sgt. McGilton observed this dog to be severely emaciated, back bones and pelvic bones were prominent. There were three bowls in this dog’s area full of dirty water and no food in site. Sgt. McGilton observed another dog, being a brown and white Collie dog. This dog was chained outside and curled in a ball on the ground getting rained on. This dog was filthy with extremely matted fur. This dog was also severely emaciated with no food or clean water in site. This dog had a doghouse in its vicinity, but the doghouse was in two separate pieces, which was not adequate shelter. Both dogs were seized from the property and taken to a local veterinarian to be assessed. Both dogs were in these conditions because of the lack of food. Sgt. McGilton requests a summons be issued through Marietta Municipal Court to Randy Johnson, age 33, 10693 State Route 550, Vincent, Ohio, for two counts of cruelty against a companion animal.