Special News Release 16 Jan 18

On 13 Jan18, Deputy Jones responded to Dollar General located at 27055 State Route 7, Marietta, in response to a 911 call from Tabitha Way. Way advised that her ex-boyfriend, Frederick “Rick” McKitrick was destroying her truck in the parking lot of Dollar General. Upon arrival, Deputy Jones met with Tabitha Way who stated she and Frederick were in a verbal argument in the parking lot which had been ongoing. Tabitha advised before Deputy Jones’ arrival, Frederick had fled the scene with the couple’s juvenile son.  Tabitha advised the argument started with Frederick wanting sexual favors and Tabitha refusing. Tabitha stated Rick pointed his finger in her face and then struck her in the mouth for refusing. Tabitha stated this occurred at a friend’s house and they were forced to leave because of the altercation.  Tabitha states after leaving the residence she and Frederick then went to Walmart where Frederick struck her in the head and threatened to kill her. Tabitha advised after they left there then went to the Dollar General, where she finally got out of the vehicle, however the altercation continued. Tabitha advised they both entered the Dollar General and Frederick told the employee to check Tabitha’s purse in which Tabitha replied, “Frederick had already stolen everything”.  Tabitha had an injury to her mouth and advised Deputy Jones she was in fear for her safety, and requested a temporary protection order be issued for her and the children.  Deputy Jones asked Tabitha if she could search her purse and asked Tabitha if she had anything illegal in the purse and she replied, “No, I do not have anything”. Deputy Jones removed Tabitha’s wallet from the purse and located a clear, plastic baggie with a crystal like substance inside. Tabitha stated it was Meth. Deputy Jones also located several syringes in an additional pocket inside the wallet. Tabitha admitted to placing the methamphetamine in her purse.  Tabitha Dawn  Way, age 36, LKA: Cutler, OH, was arrested for possession of drugs and possession of drug abuse instruments and was transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.

Frederick Gale McKitrick, age 35, 1251 County Road Nine, Apt. C3, Marietta, was located and placed under arrest for domestic violence and transported to the  for processing.