Scam Alert

Steve Stephens – Wood County Sheriff

15 hrs · 

The Wood County Sheriff’s Office is still getting reports from individuals being scammed via the phone. The caller is pretending to be a deputy sheriff and tells individuals that they have an outstanding fine for not showing up for jury duty or there is a warrant issued for their arrest. They are given the option of going to the store and purchasing a Green Dot card in the amount of $250 or appear in person and pay $500 which includes being booked by having fingerprints and photos taken. Unfortunately, people are falling for this scam and taking the easier Green Dot option. Once the individual gets the Green Dot card, they give the scammer the card information and then the scammer endorses the card for the cash. Usually, the scammer keeps the individuals on the phone during the whole process to insure that their directions are being followed. These scammers are doing this all over the country and are believed to be operating from outside of the United States.

The Wood County Sheriff’s Office deals with individuals in person and not over the phone when we have these type of issues. Secondly, we do not have an automated telephone system. When you call our office, you will always speak to a real person. We continually try to keep the public informed on any scams as we receive them through the media and our own social media.

If you get a phone call like this, please call our office number at 304-424-1834 and report it. This will also give you peace of mind knowing that it was in fact a scam and not our department calling you.