Special News 9 Jan 18

On  6 Jan 18 Lt. Hornbeck requested warrants for theft through Marietta Municipal Court for the arrest of Brian D. Brown, age 51, Nicole Kurtz, age  32, Anita Pauley, age 25, and Barbara Giuliano, age 53 , residing at 9645 State Route 821, Lower Salem, OH.  Brown is charged with a 1st degree felony, Giuliano with a 3rd degree felony and both Kurtz and Pauley with 2nd degree felonies.

In 2017 the Washington County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation into Nicole Kurtz, Brian Brown, Anita Pauley and Barbara Giuliano stealing money from an 84 year old Washington County resident known to them.  In total this group, working in concert with each other, took over $300,000.00 during the past year from the victim.

Nicole Kurtz, Brian Brown, Anita Pauley and Barbara Giuliano began acquiring money from the victim’s account(s).  Nicole Kurtz received over $80,000.00; Brian D Brown received over $150,000.00; Anita Pauley received over $45,000.00; and Barbara Giuliano received around $16,000.00.  The victim also obtained cash withdraws which were given to the group.

The four individuals solicited money from the victim both face to face and over telephone calls.  The four came up with a story that Kurtz was sick and needed the money for treatment locally and in Columbus, Ohio.  The story continued to Kurtz not being able to receive the treatments due to not being able to cover the co-pays.

To further prove their story the group even showed the victim a picture of a female in a hospital bed with tubes and hose attached to her, claiming the photo to be Kurtz, and told that Kurtz was in need of multiple surgeries she could not get without money.

The victim was also contacted by a male subject who advised he was a doctor from the Ohio State University Hospital, verifying to the victim that Kurtz was in need of money for surgery or cancer treatments.  The victim believed they were saving the life of Kurtz.

On 6 Jan 18 a search warrant was executed at the above address. Upon deputies arrival a moving truck was backed up to the residence, attempting to leave the residence in the middle of the night.

At that time Barbara Anna Giuliano, age 53, was placed under arrest on the charge of theft from an elderly subject.  Giuliano remains incarcerated in the Washington County Jail on a $250,000 bond.

Brown, Pauley and Kurtz are still at large.  If anyone has any information on their whereabouts please call the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 740-376-7070 ext. 0, or your local law enforcement agency.