Animal Cruelty Charges Filed 8 Jan 18

On 4 Jan 18 Sgt. McGilton requested the Marietta Municipal Court issue a summons to Deborah K. Martin, age 51, 2703 State Route 550, Cutler, Ohio, on a charge of obstructing official business and two counts of animal cruelty.

On 3 Jan 18 Sgt. McGilton responded to the residence of Deborah Martin to check the welfare of animals at this location.  This scheduled visit was a result of the diversion agreement composed from a previous animal cruelty case against Deborah Martin. Deborah allowed Sgt. McGilton to enter her residence and view the conditions of 4 Samoyed dogs and one Mastiff dog.  Sgt. McGilton immediately detected a foul odor of animal urine upon entering the residence, and advised Deborah of this odor. however she advised she did not notice it.

Deborah and Sgt. McGilton exited the residence to view the Samoyed dogs housed in outside kennels.  Sgt. McGilton observed 2 dogs housed in separate kennels and 2 dogs housed in one kennel together.  The 4 dogs were filthy with matted fur and the ground beneath the kennels was frozen solid.  Inside each kennel was a house that contained fresh straw (which appeared fairly new), and a metal bucket, which was full of frozen water.  Deborah had brought a pot of warm water and poured that water over the frozen water in the kennels.  Deborah stated she tended to these dogs several times a day and took them inside her residence every night.

The 2 dogs kenneled together appeared very thin, as their back bones and hip bones were visible.  Sgt. McGilton entered the kennel and felt both dogs, and was able to feel every bone in both dogs.  Sgt. McGilton advised Deborah that these 2 dogs were in horrible condition and would not survive the winter due to how emaciated they were, and asked Deborah to feel the dogs as well, which she did.  Deborah advised she felt the dogs’ body conditions were that of “normal teenaged dogs.”

Sgt. McGilton questioned Deborah about the body conditions of these dogs with Deborah stating she takes all the outside dogs inside her residence every night to feed them.  Deborah further stated she was sorry these dogs were thin, and that she had not paid as much attention to these dogs because they were outside.  Deborah further stated all of her dogs eat together and maybe these 2 dogs were not getting enough to eat.

Sgt. McGilton confirmed with Deborah that she took these dogs inside every night, and advised Deborah that there had been snow on the ground for the past week and there were absolutely no paw prints in the snow leading from any of the outside kennels.  Deborah advised Sgt. McGilton that she used the front door to take the dogs inside.

Sgt. McGilton reiterated to Deborah that there were no paw prints in the snow leading anywhere from these kennels, and asked Deborah to stop lying to her.  Deborah then stated she hadn’t taken the dogs inside her residence since the weather had gotten cold.

Sgt. McGilton removed the 2 emaciated dogs from Deborah’s residence and served her with a notice to appear in Marietta Municipal Court on 22 Jan 18 for the probable cause and bond hearing.

The 2 dogs seized were taken to a veterinarian where they were scored and assessed.  The dogs scored 1 of 9 on the body condition scale, the lowest you can obtain.

On 4 Jan 18 Sgt. McGilton obtained and executed a search warrant to enter onto Deborah Martin’s property to assess these animals.  The 2 dogs that were housed separately in the outside kennels were no longer there.

Sgt. McGilton entered the residence and observed the 4 Samoyed dogs and Mastiff in the kitchen area.  There was no water or food in this area for the dogs.  The bucket on the floor was completely dry.  Two of the Samoyed dogs felt extremely thin while the other 2 and the Mastiff felt as if they were in decent body condition.

While Sgt. McGilton was inside the residence Deborah arrived home, stating she took these dogs to the veterinarian that morning and they scored a 2 of 5 on the body condition scale.  Sgt. McGilton informed Deborah the dogs were being seized because they were under ideal body condition and the needed assessed.

Sgt. McGilton questioned Deborah about the 2 outside dogs, which were no longer there and she stated the owner picked them up, but refused to give the name to Sgt. McGilton.  Sgt. McGilton informed Deborah she believed she hid those dogs due to her knowing Sgt. McGilton was coming back to assess them.  Deborah denied this and then stated she had previously made arrangements for the owners to pick up the dogs.  Deborah did not make any mention of these dogs going anywhere when Sgt. McGilton was at her residence the previous day.

The 2 dogs seized from Deborah’s residence on 4 Jan 18 were transported to the veterinarian and upon being assessed  one scored a 1 of 9 on the body condition scale while the other scored a 2 of 9 on the body condition scale.  These dogs were also emaciated due to lack of food.