On 20 Dec 17 Deputy Hall spoke with Donna and John Hoskinson, Babcock Road, Beverly, about suspicious activity at their home. This case remains under investigation.

On 21 Dec 17 at 9:15 am. Major Hawkins was notified by dispatch that a total of 15 phone calls had been received from Richard Carl Flood for no apparent reason. This has been an ongoing issue with Flood and he had been charged in the past for similar activity.
On 19 Dec 17 Captain Rhodes made contact with Flood and warned him not to disrupt dispatch by calling for non-emergency or legitimate issues.  Every dispatcher has received phone calls from Flood who typically talks about arrests, FBI activity, etc.
Major Hawkins was present when Flood called at approximately 9:30 am and spoke to dispatch, with no legitimate purpose for calling. Major Hawkins reviewed the log from dispatch and learned that Flood had called a total of 364 times since 4 Oct 17.  Dispatchers have advised that the calls impair their ability to conduct duties at the dispatch/911 public service answering point.  The calls in this investigation are only calls to WCSO; however he has also called Wood County, WV, emergency services on numerous occasions.   Sgt. Holbert and Deputy Carr responded to Flood’s home where Richard Carl Flood, age 52, 204 Ferry Street, Beverly, OH, was placed under arrest for disrupting public services.  Flood was transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.

On 21 Dec 17 Deputy Carr was dispatched to Hune Covered Bridge, in reference to subjects painting graffiti on the bridge.  This case remains under investigation.

On 21 Dec 17 Sanford E. Gregory, 280 May Avenue, Vincent, was parked at 45 Warrior Drive, Vincent, and accelerated forward striking the building.  The 1999 Oldsmobile received light functional damage and was driven away. (1104)

On 21 Dec 17 Megan Boyd, Beverly, Ohio, reported a storage unit on State Route 339 was entered and items she had stored there were stolen.  This case remains under investigation.  (1117)

On 22 Dec 17 Deputy Johnson responded to 171 Mill Branch Road, Belpre to a reported domestic violence incident.  Deputy Johnson met with Haley Jett who reported her ex-boyfriend, Preston V. Archie, had assaulted her.  Jett reported Archie was upset and entered the room where she was lying on the bed and began yelling at her and jumped on top of her.  Jett reports that Archie started “kneeing” her in her private area multiple times, also pushing his fist against her face. Jett states that these forceful actions hurt her, and she was in fear for her safety and that of her infant child so she locked herself in a separate room and called for help.   Jett left the home eventually with her child and went to a nearby residence.  Archie also came to this residence and upon being advised of the Sheriff’s Office being called he left the home.  Attempts to locate Archie were unsuccessful.  Deputy Johnson requested and was issued a warrant through Marietta Municipal Court for the arrest of Preston Vern Archie, age 25, 171 Mill Branch Road, Belpre, OH.  A protection order was requested by Haley Jett.

On 22 Dec 17 a citation for speed was issued to Michael S. Jarrell, 7040 Hammock Trace Drive, Melbourne, FL, 85 in a 70 mph zone; and Kaitlyn M. Pearse, 7226 Jefferson Farms Blvd., New Albany, OH, 90 in a 70 mph zone.  (296)

On 22 Dec 17 Melissa D. Vance, 37940 Vance Road, Albany, OH, was parked at Napoli’s Pizza, Little Hocking, when Summer M. Freeborn, 1644 Way Road, Belpre, OH, backed into the 2014 Honda Accord Vance was operating. Vance’s Accord suffered functional light damage and was driven away.  (1303)

On 22 Dec 17 Lt. Hornbeck, Deputy Allender and Deputy McConnell responded to 1630 Braun Road, Belpre to a possible domestic dispute.   Jon Ruth called to report David Ruth assaulting everyone in the residence.  Deputies met with Taylor Evans, the girlfriend of David Ruth.  Taylor also has a newborn with David.  Taylor stated that she and David were arguing over taking the kids to see Christmas lights.  Taylor told David that she did not want to go because she was exhausted and this upset him.  Taylor reported that she went into the bedroom to get something for the newborn and while sitting on the edge of the bed holding the baby, David ran into the bedroom, stood in front of her and grabbed her hair pulling her down onto the bed (while she was still holding the baby). Taylor states that she yelled for Jon to call the cops at which time David then chocked her and shook her.   David Alan Ruth, age 25, 1630 Braun Road, Belpre, OH, was placed under arrest for domestic violence, a 3rd degree felony, and was transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.  Taylor Evans requested a temporary protection order be issued.

On 23 Dec 17 Lt. Hornbeck, Deputies Parks and Allender were dispatched to 912 Park Street, Beverly, in reference to Cassandra Murray reporting the violation of a protection order by Thomas Murray.  Cassandra states that she was staying at this address and heard a vehicle outside and went to see who it was.  Cassandra states when she looked outside Thomas Murray entered the front door of the residence, said something to the effect that she was in big trouble for what she had done to him, and proceeded to push her.  Cassandra advised she was not hurt but was in fear for her safety as Thomas was very intoxicated.   Deputies then responded to 62 A.E. Miller Road, Lowell, to speak with Thomas. Thomas was found in the driver’s seat of a Dodge Stratus parked in the driveway, slumped forward and passed out.  The keys for the vehicle were observed in the ignition.  Deputy Allender woke Thomas to speak to him and could smell the strong odor of alcohol as soon as the driver’s side door was opened.  Thomas also had glassy eyes and slurred speech.  Thomas was asked to step out of the vehicle and he was unsteady on his feet. Based on these observations it was believed that Thomas was intoxicated.  Thomas was belligerent and attempted to argue with Deputy Allender on the drive to the jail. Thomas was asked to complete a series of field sobriety tests, which he refused.  A request was made for Thomas to complete a BAC test and he refused that as well.  Thomas’ driver’s license was seized and he was placed under ALS suspension.  Thomas Eugene Murray, age 40, 62 A.E. Miller Road, Lowell, was placed under arrest for violating a protection order, domestic violence, and burglary.  Thomas was also cited for having physical control of vehicle while under the influence.

On 22 Dec 17 Deputy Gainer was working the Washington County Jail when he was dispatched to a dorm within the jail to an assault complaint.  Deputy Gainer observed Michael Doak with bruising to his head.  Doak advised that Robert E. O’Brien Jr. was accusing him of stealing from a family member before he was incarcerated.  Doak states he was in his bed and O’Brien jumped on top of him punching him in the head.    Doak advised he did not strike back, but used his legs to push O’Brien off of him.  After completing the investigation it was determined that what Doak had reported was accurate.  Robert Earl O’Brien Jr., age 35, 343 Main Street, Lower Salem, OH, was charged with assault.

The following warrants were processed at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office:

Preston Vern Archie, 171 Mill Branch Road, Belpre, domestic violence.

The following suspects were processed into the Washington County Jail Tuesday 26 Dec 17 and Wednesday 27 Dec 17:

Derek Levi Ryan, age 28, 735 Lener Avenue, Warren, OH, probation violation, a misdemeanor.  Ryan was picked up in Trumble County by Deputy Malone of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and processed into the Washington County Jail on 26 Dec 17 at 5:57 pm.

Dari-Anne Nicole Touvell, age 22, 11841 Ideal Road, Byesville, OH, endangering children, a felony.  Touvell was arrested in New Matamoras by Sgt. Holbert of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and processed into the Washington County Jail on 26 Dec 17 at 6:16 pm.

There are currently 17 females and 90 males incarcerated in the Washington County Jail.