On 4 Dec 17 Par Mar, 17785 SR 7, Marietta, reported gloves stolen from the store.  This case remains under investigation.  (1007)

On 4 Dec 17 at approximately 1647 hours Deputy Parks was dispatched to 1117 Lancaster Street, Marietta, where Shannon Dye reports her ex-boyfriend, Bryan Sturm, had stolen jewelry.  Shannon advised she was in the bathroom when she felt a cold draft, and noticed the bathroom window ajar.  Shannon suspected Sturm of opening this window and throughout the course of the evening she sent text to Sturm and he admitted he had broken into her residence.
On 5 Dec 17 Bryan Sturm came to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.  Sturm was advised of his rights at which time he stated he understood.  Sturm stated on Monday, December 04, 2017, at approximately 1400 hours, he drove to Shannon’s residence with another male.  Sturm went on to state he opened the bathroom window from the outside of the residence, and went in.  Sturm states once he gained entry he let the other male in.  Sturm admitted to taking items from Dye’s residence, with one item being a safe.  Sturm and the male subject entered the safe later and removed money that was inside.  The safe was then thrown in the weeds near Duck Creek.  Bryan Christopher Sturm, age 25, 331 Main Street, Lower Salem, was placed under arrest for burglary, a 2nd degree felony, and theft, a 5th degree felony.  Sturm was transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.

The following warrants were processed at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office:

Mary R. Carpenter, 20475 SR 60, Beverly, OH, for theft from Sponey’s IGA.

Bobbi S. Davis, 19 High Street, Vincent, OH, driving under suspension.

Milan A. Trumbull, 1361 Henry Avenue SW, Canton, OH, failure to appear.

Zackary D. Reel, 117 Cloverdale Estates #30, St Mary’s, WV, for probation violation, original charge obstructing justice.

Thomas Gaughan, 115 Dudley Avenue, Marietta, OH, probation violation, original charge trafficking in drugs.

The following suspect was processed into the Washington County Jail between Tuesday 5 Dec 17 and Wednesday 6 Dec 17:

Bryan Christopher Sturm, age 25, 331 Main Street, Lower Salem, for theft and burglary, both felonies.  Sturm was arrested by Deputy Parks of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and processed into the Washington County Jail on 5 Dec 17 at 7:57 pm.

Brandon Joshua Blevins, age 28, 600 Ullman Street, Beverly, on warrants for theft and failure to reinstate operator’s license, misdemeanors.  Blevins was arrested in Beverly by Patrolman Oliver of the Beverly Police Department and processed into the Washington County Jail on 5 Dec 17 at 8:27 pm.

Stephanie Lynne Wilson, age 39, 65335 Slaughter Hill Road, Cambridge, OH, for OVI and drug paraphernalia.  Wilson was picked up in Cambridge by Trooper Roe of the Ohio State Highway Patrol and processed into the Washington County Jail on 6 Dec 17 at 9:24 am.

There are currently 30 females and 87 males incarcerated in the Washington County Jail.