On 4 Dec 17 the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau began an investigation into the assault of Kimberly Anne Albrecht. Kimberly was admitted to the Marietta Memorial Hospital for severe injuries including broken bones to her face. Due to the severity of the injuries, Kimberly was life flighted to Grant Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio. On 3 Dec 17 Detectives traveled to Grant Medical Center and met with Kimberly. Kimberly stated her boyfriend, Jason Anthony Dick, assaulted her after an argument ensued at their residence on Saturday evening, 2 Dec 17. While inside the residence, Jason threw two different tools at her and struck her in the head causing the stated injuries. Kimberly then began suffering severe pain and bleeding severely. Jason helped her to the vehicle and transported her to the hospital. While being questioned about the events of the evening by the hospital staff, Jason stated he was going outside to inform her family that she was at the hospital.  Jason never returned and Kimberly had not heard from him up to the point Detectives were talking to her. Jason also did not make contact with any member of Kimberly’s family.

Several attempts have been made to meet with Jason with negative results. A warrant for the arrest of Jason Anthony Dick, 124 Tennis Center Drive, Apt. 3B, Marietta for Felonious Assault (F2) has been requested through Marietta Municipal Court. A protection order has also been requested for Kimberly through Marietta Municipal Court.