Major Crimes Task Force Search 2 Locations, 5 Arrested

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Ohio Organized Crime Investigations Commission
Special News Release 8 Nov 17

Two separate investigations by Agents of the Ohio Organized Crimes Investigations Commission, Washington Morgan Noble Major Crimes Task Force result in search warrants and arrests for trafficking in drugs.

On 7 Nov 17 Agents conducted a search warrant in Marietta, Washington County, Ohio.  During the search Agents located Justin Schroeder, Alicia Miller, Brittany Wheeler and Jacob Rowe.  Continuing the search, Agents located digital scales, corners of plastic baggies with drug residue, metal spoon with residue, loose heroine, and syringes. Agents also located a plastic baggie with heroin inside the purse containing Alicia Millers’ ID and cell phone.

Upon being questioned by Agents, Alicia Miller admitted that she came to the location the previous night and purchased a small amount of heroin from Schroeder.  Miller further stated that she then injected the heroin which caused her to pass out/overdose.  Miller advised that before she passed out she witnessed Schroeder remove the heroin she purchased from a baggie containing a larger amount of heroin.

Brittany Wheeler advised Agents that she was contacted the previous day by Justin Schroeder and he invited her and her boyfriend, Jacob Rowe, to come to his location.  Wheeler stated that upon their arrival, they were given approximately .30 grams of heroin from Schroeder at no cost to them. Miller stated that both she and Rowe used the heroin which caused them to pass out/overdose. Wheeler stated she came to later after being revived by Rowe.

Jacob Rowe advised Agents that he witnessed both Miller and Wheeler use heroin which was supplied to them by Justin Schroeder.  Rowe stated that he also used the heroin and passed out, but came to before Miller and Wheeler.  Rowe stated he performed CPR on Miller and Wheeler until they came to.

All three subjects believed the heroin that they used may be fentanyl as it made all three of them overdose.

Wheeler, Miller and Rowe advised that they were aware that drugs were being used and sold from that location.

Agents then executed a search warrant at 829 Ridge Street, Marietta, Washington County.

Upon executing the warrant, Richard Wesley Hawkins was located lying in his bed and unresponsive.  Knowing Hawkins’ long history with drug trafficking/drug abuse Agents believed he had overdosed prior to them entering the home.  Agents immediately rendered aid to Hawkins in order to revive him.

Once Hawkins was alert he was asked where the drugs were that he consumed and overdosed on. Hawkins told Agents they were in the nightstand.  In checking the nightstand a sunglasses case with two syringes, a cellophane wrapper with a pill, a baggie containing a powdery substance and a paper fold with a white powdery substance, all suspected heroin, were located.

Agents also located multiple 1” plastic baggies, crushed pills, empty baggies with powder residue and a small amount of marijuana in the nightstand.

Alicia Dawn Miller, age 34, 9534 N. SR 60, McConnelsville, OH; Brittany Marie Wheeler, lka:  450 Wittekind Road, Marietta; age 26, 202 Aurora Street, Marietta, Jacob Kyle Rowe, age 26, homeless, Justin Ryan Schroeder, age 36, 304 Kenwood Avenue, Marietta, were all charged with trafficking in heroin, a 5th degree felony.

Richard Wesley Hawkins, age 47, 829 Ridge Street, Marietta, was arrested and transported to the Washington County Jail where he was charged with drug trafficking, a 4th degree felony.

All five subjects were placed under arrest and transported to the Washington County Jail where they remained until their initial appearance in Marietta Municipal Court at 8 a.m. on 8 Nov 17.

The Washington Morgan Noble Major Crimes Task Force is part of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s Organized Crime Investigation Commission and is comprised of representatives of Post 84 of the Ohio State Highway Patrol; Washington, Morgan and Noble County Sheriff’s Offices; the Marietta, Belpre and McConnelsville Police Departments; and the Washington, Morgan and Noble County Prosecutor’s Office.