On 16 Oct 17 Pamela Slack, 420 Fifth Street, Lowell, reported items of value removed from her home.  This case remains under investigation.  (790)

On 16 Oct 17 Sgt. McGilton filed charges for failing to restrain against Cheyenne Warne, age 21, 470 Hadley Hollow Road, Marietta.  On/or around 12 Oct 17 Sgt. McGilton responded to 470 Hadley Hollow Road,  Marietta, in reference to Warne’s black and white Pitbull dog getting loose.   Reports had been made that Warne’s dog was running loose on 2 recent occasions and on one occasion the dog actually entered into someone’s dog door into their home.  The dog, once gaining entry to the home, became involved in a fight with the property owner’s dog.   On 16 Oct 17 at approximately 0630 hours Warne’s dog got loose again and jumped a fence on Melody Lane.    A summons is being requested for Warne.

The following subjects were recently sentenced in Washington County Common Pleas Court:

William Eric George, age 42, 47 Cowan Lane, Parkersburg, WV, for complicity to commit robbery, 3rd degree felony, 60 days county jail and SEPTA.

Zoe Michele Lee, age 26, 101 Washington Street, Marietta, probation violation, 13 months county jail.
The following suspects were processed into the Washington County Jail between Monday 16 Oct 17 and Tuesday 17 Oct 17:

McKenzie Ann Cowman, age 24, 814 Seneca Drive, Belpre, for violation of protection order, a misdemeanor.  Cowman was arrested on Seneca Drive by Patrolman Fields of the Belpre City Police Department and processed into the Washington County Jail on 16 Oct 17 at 9:10 am.

There are currently 22 females and 94 males incarcerated in the Washington County Jail.