Little Hocking Man Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence


On 27 Sep 17 Deputy McKee and Sgt. Johnson were dispatched to meet with Heather Cunningham, 94 Maynard Drive, Little Hocking, OH.  Cunningham wanted to report a domestic violence incident that occurred on 24 Sep 17 at the home address in Washington County, Belpre Township.
Cunningham stated that on 24 Sep 17 her live in boyfriend, Joshua Sprouse, woke in an angry state.  Sprouse proceeded to accuse Cunningham of having an affair so she attempted to walk away.  Sprouse then grabbed Cunningham by the hair and forced her down into a chair.  Sprouse told Cunningham she was going to listen to him and when she attempted to escape he struck  her in the face.  Sprouse then began to choke Cunningham and bit her nose, all the while she was screaming for him to stop.  Cunningham states that when Sprouse seen that she was bleeding from her nose he began to cry and apologize.
Deputies met with Sprouse who admitted to being in an altercation with Cunningham, however told Deputies it was self-defense.
Deputies viewed Cunningham’s injuries to include dark purple bruising on her face and a small laceration to her nose.  Sprouse had small lacerations which were consistent with nail scratches.
Joshua Edward Sprouse, age 36, 94 Maynard Drive, Little Hocking, was placed under arrest for domestic violence, a 3rd degree felony, as Sprouse had been previously convicted of domestic violence and/or similar offense(s) in West Virginia.